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  1. +1 -Extremely active with amazing hours -Improved his attitude -work on your forums activity idot
  2. Mekki

    i hate it

    +1 make it happen
  3. getting on rn to give u the hat, ignore kodey
  4. Removing a useless emote just because people are memeing with it is pretty retarded tbh.
  5. he’s just gunna ask to get permad then pay 100 bucks for an unban appeal like 3 months later lol.
  6. Ik it’s funny because he calls out other people for being rude and in the same post he’s a huge fuckin asshole
  7. Mekki

    Halo 5

    ODST's story was amazing, gameplay wise it was kinda lacking. You're not playing as a walking tank but you get to experience what marines and shock troopers had to deal with against the covenant. I really didn't like their approach with swapping characters throughout the game (sorta confusing when you jump from one character from another after they're done their part) but they nailed it storywise, Rook getting lost and finding pieces of his teammates equipment and eventually linking back up to them was very nice imo. If they bundled it with halo 3, it would have been very nice. They really didn't have to make a game for it but it really expands the halo lore and ODST focuses more on the marines side of Halo while 1-4 focuses on Chief. I think they did okay with ODST as hell jumpers are pretty badass in the halo universe. Honestly if they actually had at least one of them drop on the covenant carrier it would have made the game 100% better. ODST was a very memorable game story wise, the gameplay was forgettable as it didn't have a good multiplayer, just endless waves of enemies thrown at you.
  8. Steamid.eu is down rn, when it gets back up I think you can look at all previous names or something like that
  9. he still needs an answer so no
  10. instead of saying tldr actually fucking read it because its about you or i can do it for you. TLDR you're a whiny lil bitch who nobody likes and gets mad over being pmed "cottage cheese"
  11. you need to calm the down jfc, everyone makes grammar mistakes, maybe he didn’t fucking realize he’s mistyped custom. Also you call him out for being disrespectful but then you call him a “dense fuck” lmao
  12. he won’t get any money so it’s a no
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