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  1. Appreciate it bud! Definitely was enjoyable working with you on coding/staffing. Hope you succeed and have fun with modelling and whatever other passions you're pursuing. I'm sure we'll keep in contact.
  2. Can you take a screenshot of your addons folder just so we can make sure it was added in their correctly? Make sure you uncompressed it before adding it in.
  3. Are you sure CSS textures are correctly installed/mounted? How have you installed them?
  4. Well my guy, it's been a pretty interesting time. Although things didn't always work out great here, we had some good times in other places as well. Hope to most definitely stay in contact with you, we should call/do some more stuff sometime. cya!
  5. Hey, enjoy whatever you're up to. I'll see you around mister.
  6. Programming's a pretty cool hobby ? hahaha Anyway though, as I'm sure many of you are aware, programming is one of my main hobbies. I also like biking and hiking, as well as travelling. Hanging out with people I meet off here is also pretty enjoyable.
  7. This is exactly the thing I hate to see. People getting so absorbed into ret that they start slipping away from real life goals. Anything in real life is infinitely more important than ret, and there's no questioning that at all. Once you start slipping away from real life and putting lots of time into ret, it's really easy to get fully sucked in and then start having things in your real life go awry. I encourage anyone getting close to this point to take a break/just leave. Please don't get sucked in and have it take away from your real life. That's the one thing that I just can't stand. You should not be killing grades/parts of your life just to be here. It will never be worth it in the long run. To be perfectly honest, it's probably good that you are no longer here. I hope no one else here is sacrificing any real life responsibility for ret. In any case, it's not worth it under any circumstance.
  8. To be perfectly honest, @Hans has got it down pretty well. His song choice really shows off his inner girl that he sometimes forgets to mention to the public.
  9. Welcome back, definitely haven’t seen you in a little while.
  10. Because what's the point of having a bunch of meme posts when the real reason is right in front of your nose? Sometimes you have to think a little bit about why something happened. Anyway, their cards should both have been moved to resigned, so it's easy to see what actually happened to them.
  11. true fun fact, play me in battleship again so i can win
  12. timtam is a good friend, don't think any of us were 'better' than each other.
  13. Now, back to the matter at hand, I think your idea is very interesting and players would definitely have an interesting time playing it. However, some of your more complicated ideas with NPCs and boss battles may need to be thought out a bit more in regards to performance and permissions.
  14. Jeez, you might need to take a little break. If you would actually know how much effort things like this take to develop, maybe you would appreciate it a bit more. I know how these things are made, and the people who made those events poured months of work into making something for the server to enjoy. If you just want to sit here and shit on it, why are you still here? Why should anyone here try and develop anything for this server if you’re just going to complain about it? Your response shows me the lack of understanding you have about anything developers actually do.
  15. Hey Ryan, I know I say this a ton, but honestly, thank you for all you've contributed here. Although I'm no longer staff, I definitely do remember hard workers who pull their own weight and more. Would be great to keep in contact somewhat, always interested in what older players are doing. Either way, thanks a ton for everything you've helped me out personally with and everything on ret in general. Take care.
  16. Maybe we'll meet again sometime in the future, have fun with your future endeavors.
  17. I like how during the whole video there is just 0 emotion/facial expression. Literally dead inside haha
  18. @Shalom If this isn't bait I'm going to laugh my ass off.
  19. You might have to do some research on that yourself, my friend. Take a look at PUBG minimum specs and maybe read some threads on it yourself. There won't be an exact way to find out how it will run unless you try it out or someone has previously tried it out.
  20. No graphics card + a first generation i7 that runs at 2.8 ghz? You also only have a 1TB HDD. That's not too bad of a price point. I would not pay $700 for that.
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