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  1. cool i deserve the perm.... also give all my money to people in-game please.... all of it
  2. sure So i was doing stuff in game... cloud jailed me and said he was going to week ban me... i waited my jail time he didnt ban me... soon later i rejoined and crashed the server to teach everyone a lesson
  3. what do you mean? What? did you even read the post?
  4. Time and date this occured:7/28/2018 Staff member's in-game name:cloud Reason for complaint:earlier today i was in the game... and i got jailed he said he was gonna week ban me but i got no ban... ALSO i taught the admins a lesson soon later by crashing the server... Proof: [No download files, these will be ignored] @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator
  5. +1 Nice person in-game Not toxic good app
  6. Just let the people know here. this is for non staff!
  7. I liked your application! i never have seen you in-game but you seem nice and like you would be a good admin! i hope it gets accepted ?
  8. How do i change my username? i went in profile editing and i tried but i couldn't.... rip
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