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  1. I want to say thank you everyone for putting time to reply to my staff app even if it was “-“ I’m fine with that because that just gives me room and helps me understand what I could do better as a player or even staff if I do get accepted and I say I do mess around as a player but I know that if I do get staff I won’t be bias to any other players and I would accept responsibility’s to the server.
  2. Thank you man I’m always gonna be nice to new players I get on and raid players just for fun but if there New I give them either a perm or my printers or money just to help (love you too man thanks)
  3. Im saying that they are unprofessional for starting it all on my staff app.
  4. This was one situation and I have plenty of you doing stuff that wasn’t so professional also I wasn’t intending to blow them up and I also never shot them I was making speed drugs and they never blew up in the end. I received a warn for the incident and that’s the end of it.
  5. What do you mean mingy? I’m a role player I role play that’s the part of the server? Just wondering what you mean mingy
  6. If I was in the situation of player rdming another player I would check who else has has killed in the past few minutes also ask if anyone has proof. If someone was NLRed I would do the same as rdm. With nlr I would /nlrcheck (player) and also look if it was a raid or not to put the raid timer in fact aswell.
  7. Reason I did short answers is because im just trying to help the server I have been on it constantly and just wanting to help here and there and I did just get straight to the point.
  8. [Budda]'s Moderator Application In-Game Name: [♛ Budda ♥] Age: [18] Timezone: [Pacific, OR] Steam ID: [STEAM_0:0:81117460] Steam Profile (Link): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122500648/ Hours on the server: [https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1428935854] Times Active: [around 8hrs maybe and 5 days a week at most maybe more depends with work] Why I want/should be a moderator: [I want to be moderator because im on all the time and I see rdmers and rdaers at night when noone is on to kick them or do anything and I just want to help out and I can put alot of hours in helping the server.] SITUATIONS: The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [You check longs on prop spam or on someone that spams different tools and figure out if they are trying to crash the server or not.] People begin to complain about an "illegal base": [You make sure you are staff on duty then you teleport to the player and see how he says the base is illegal and then ask him to either fix it or remove the whole base if the base has too many illegal base aspects.] You see another staff member abusing his/her powers: [You ask him to stop then proceed to the forums and report the situation if you have proof.] A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit: [You tell jail mute and gag if they are mic spamming and if it continues after then punishments.] A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [RDM is Random death match where someone kills someone for no reason. RDA is random arrest when you have no apparent reason to arrest said player. NLR is where you come back withen the 5 minutes you have died or you say "you killed me" which is nlr aswell.] (Additional Comments): [I am working a few hours a day and I am attempting to be on as much as I can because I love this server so much]
  9. All you broke ass haters dont got nothin on me -Lil tay
  10. maybe should have gave a little extra space. your fault not mine OmegaLUL
  11. I want 4 bean cheese and rice burrito's
  12. There should be a new job that is Anti PD unlike rebel where there constantly at war like a private orginization.
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