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  1. My supposed shitpost doesn’t change the fact your mom a hoe
  2. I’m too poor to purchase the tier 3 module and I’m too lazy to grind for it as well. I can’t silent raid well enough now, I got raped by Eymane or someone with a crowbar while I was silent raiding.
  3. You silly man, there’s no point for me to apply when I’m barely active anyways
  4. Yeah but it’s cool and good to use, especially when you’ve just been arrested.
  5. Not necessary useful or new information but it’s pretty cool.
  6. Glad to know I’m not the only odd one here. Though I have an odd amount of chromosomes.
  7. Can't join it for some reason.
  8. +1 how do you make the +1 look cool? Anyways, I got a massive erection reading this.
  9. I see you’re a man of culture. Tell me your opinion on the anime version of Shokugeki no Soma. Is it hentai or is it anime?
  10. Idk why do you abuse your admin powers to sexually harass random people?
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