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  1. tribalarcher

    Upgrade to Ultimate

    I forgot that there were grenades but that's all I want all the perm guns I can buy are better then all of those weapons.
  2. tribalarcher

    Upgrade to Ultimate

    THIS IS A JOB UPGRADE, I ALREADY HAVE A JOB CREATED. Job Name: Battle-Grade Waifu Your STEAM ID STEAM_0:1:52523139 Proof Of Purchase https://gyazo.com/6a1a2ad3daee4d278c9df62cf23bfdea 2 Friends STEAM ID You Want Added To The Job STEAM_0:0:42515011 RGB Job Color: Pink 2 Models To Be Restricted To Your ID [Workshop Link]: Just keeping the one i have now will probably add another at a later date. 4 Free Weapons To Add To Your Job: Frag and smoke grenades plus the knife and glock Increase Salary To $5k?: Yes Spawn With 150 Armor?: Yes Amphetamine System?: Yes Chef Food?: Yes Hit System?: Yes Bit-Miner?: Yes PD Raidable?: Yes