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  1. shy✨

    Custom Job Pickpocket Fix!

    Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): slut Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:69026
  2. this is extremely annoying when you are trying to place keypads down :L
  3. *buys more custom printers*
  4. the banned nigga won gg
  5. shy✨

    Custom Job PD Raiding Fix!

    Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1717934
  6. shy✨

    extraordinaries custom trail :))))

  7. shy✨

    New Promotions

    gay i mean nice
  8. shy✨


    inb4 jouaram diss track also deathie is quitting ret ? fUCk
  9. shy✨


    Ok, this is fucking ridiculous. Jouaram can you please get your fucking shit together man, most of the server's playerbase is still waiting on you to give them their items back, me personally am still waiting too, but cmon man really? reii said it's been 17 fucking days. From what i can make out you just let the fucking post die off and then you think and everyone is going to forget about it. Get rid of NFO and fix your fucking server man, really... There are numbers of complaints and bug reports that get brushed off and forgotten also @yelsew352's bug reports seem like they get brushed off sometimes, and yeah they might be minor bugs, but even if they are minor, they are still bugs. Get your shit together, get off your lazy ass and fix the fucking server and don't make an excuse that money is the problem ( i don't know how much the server is to cost ) because you have pulled in 88 dollars today. JUST TODAY ( 11-29-17 ) make ret great again, I don't know if you need more developers or something to help with fixing the servers problems or what. I bet it is a lot on deathie alone to fix all of the servers issues. One last time Jouaram, I bet from anyone that plays the server constant enough to notice these problems, they would like you to fix the server, and yeah i know that they are small problems, but they are still problems, whether it is lag or the blackjack or armory being broken, they need to be fixed because people use them.
  10. shy✨

    I'm Missing My - OTHER!

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1717934 What I'm Missing/Having Issues With: Missing 9 stacks of speed, 3 stacks of fdb, and my grapple that was on the market for 95 mil is gone
  11. shy✨

    I'm Missing My - RANK!

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1717934 Rank I'm missing: Supporter Perm Any proof of purchase [Leave blank if you have nothing, this might take longer.]: https://prnt.sc/h9k9bs