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  1. I was touched inappropriately when I got arrested ... never again
  2. Just try to simplify it next time
  3. RashyBoi


    Thanks b ;)
  4. Being a new player in servers like these is all about experience. Allow them to explore the game, get them to understand how it’s played & ensure you tell them to read the rules etc... help them out a little, not to much as it’s their game to play... just give them your honest opinion on the ways YOU make money and allow them to do what they want; everyone learns through experience at some point whenever it’s good or bad ....
  5. Welcome to this wonderful community filled with love & insanity. Therefore, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or anyone else. I hope you have a good time, I’ll see ya around Samaritan...
  6. RashyBoi


    Much appreciated!
  7. RashyBoi


    Been around 3 months if I’m correct, happy to be back
  8. RashyBoi


    Hello Good Samaritans, I’ve returned
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