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  1. I was touched inappropriately when I got arrested ... never again
  2. Just try to simplify it next time
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    Thanks b ;)
  4. Being a new player in servers like these is all about experience. Allow them to explore the game, get them to understand how it’s played & ensure you tell them to read the rules etc... help them out a little, not to much as it’s their game to play... just give them your honest opinion on the ways YOU make money and allow them to do what they want; everyone learns through experience at some point whenever it’s good or bad ....
  5. Welcome to this wonderful community filled with love & insanity. Therefore, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or anyone else. I hope you have a good time, I’ll see ya around Samaritan...
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    Much appreciated!
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    Been around 3 months if I’m correct, happy to be back
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    Hello Good Samaritans, I’ve returned
  9. F1 also allows you check out some commands
  10. Good luck, get all the perms while you can ...
  11. exactly, people always looking for them.. including myself xD
  12. Just keeping grinding from bitcoining and do the lottos, open your crates and try and get a perm for resell value or start raiding
  13. Hooker / Stripper ( yes I know I’m responding to my own forum)
  14. I think some new jobs should be brought into the server, any thoughts?
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