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  1. He was probably having a rough day at school or something. Let the kid be.
  2. Relearning the rules won't be difficult. Neither is relearning the punishment guidelines. I wish that moderators can ban people for more than an hour, though.
  3. Whoa! That's a long cat.
  4. I also want to mention that having a staff position is a big responsibility that not everyone is suited for. I also understand that being a moderator is more than just doing sits and handing out punishments. When I was a moderator a few months back, I took more pleasure in helping players rather than punishing them. Thankfully, it was more helping than punishing. Anyway, I love being part of this community. It would be a damn shame if it was no longer available to play on. Having said all that, I believe I am up for the task.
  5. 1. @VladTheImpaler 2. @MeeganTheVegan 3. @yelsew352
  6. I usually play around 6:00 pm Central Time
  7. I left around towards the end of last year.
  8. Skarin


    Why would they need permission if they're underaged?
  9. It is Kataklysm. The song is "black sheep." Gad to know I'm not the only one that likes metal \m/
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