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  1. My reason is I'm Canadian which means I'm nice and hold the door open for people. I also inject maple syrup into my veins.
  2. Same. I love the idea of requiring 5 hours for police
  3. So apparently in the new update, completing the loyalty tasks removes you from your previous rank since it adds you to the member group. It did this to me in game. Can someone on staff put me back on VIP? @Owner @Super Administrator @Senior Administrator
  4. @Jouaram Sorry to disturb you but I was just curious about this question if you don't mind answering. Thanks.
  5. I just realized. It says the Dog job has a dog swep but when you choose it, there's no dog swep. Was this removed due to abuse or was it just forgotten?
  6. If you don't have anything serious to say, don't comment. From what I'm seeing you don't so if could please delete your comment I'd appreciate that.
  7. Just a heads up, this is a post of me venting about some of my problems. If you don't care or have nothing serious to say other than hate comments and shitpost comments, don't read it or bother to comment. Having Bipolar Disorder absolutely fucking sucks. I always get really mean with other people and act like an asshole sometimes and that's not who I am. It gives me such a bad reputation and makes me seem so toxic towards others. It makes me feel absolutely awful when I do it. One of the reasons being that I can't help it since it makes my temper and behavior seem so much worse. I wanna be known as a respectful person that isn't toxic sometimes. I don't want to be hated by others because of uncontrollable behaviors and it just puts me on a roller-coaster of emotions. One second I'm sad for no reason or because of a small reason, another second I'm angry either for no reason or the smallest reason which leads to me being aggressive towards others, then I'm absolutely pissed at someone for no reason or the smallest reason and insult and mock them like a bitch, and then I'm back to normal again and don't even notice the things I did wrong and even if I do, I don't see the reason why it is and instead think what I did was right. If I've ever gotten angry at you or anything like that for no reason or the smallest reason, from the bottom of my heart, I'm really sorry I acted as such towards you. I have nothing against you and I'm sure you did nothing wrong to deserve my behavior and I don't mean anything that I said to you. I hope you can forgive me. My Bipolar Disorder tends to get me into a lot of shit because of how it makes me act sometimes when I'm actually a really nice person. For those who think I'm trying to use my disorder as some sort of excuse for everything, in no way am I trying to. This is just an explanation for my past actions. I just want to let people know that the mean things I say I don't actually mean. Don't take it seriously. Again, I'm sorry.
  8. +1 - Cool - Started a Sans Cult - Danced on me while I was a cat - Would be a great mod - 10/10 would sans again
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