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  1. Time is a social construct.
  2. Shelf life in the back pocket not great.
  3. They rarely work outside a 24 hr window. Almost impossible outside of a 48 hour window
  4. Meeting the absolute madman @The Anonymous Rainbow
  5. Just a heads up, spam posts like this isn't what they mean by get your forum activity up for mod.
  6. cars are aids and take up too much memory, just meaning more lag and longer loading screens. Plus grapples get u there faster, and perms are enough to dump money on.
  7. Not hating, just super curious how it looks
  8. Pictures? Proof of functionality?
  9. +1 Not a perfect app, there is small details to improve on but thats from the perspective as someone who has staffed for awhile, this looks good enough for someone who is looking into starting out. Super nice guy, never had a single issue with him. Much love my dude, i wish you luck.
  10. Don't try and sell my brother you cuck
  11. Hey someone finally tagged me in a goodbye, I finally meant something to someone... MA GET THE CAMERA
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