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  1. The way it is looked at is nigga is just a more commonly used word and it's typically understood that one saying it isn't meaning offense, but er is typically where people intending to hurt. Atleast that's how i enforced it.
  2. Building off this, during the prime of weed being really good money, people would bring friends with them while selling to help defend.
  3. Demon.


    I resigned just in time.
  4. More known than you. Please sit mortal.
  5. Lol that was back in February. Seems like it was yesterday
  6. You are the first person on ret to get my number feel proud
  7. Not sure who all has seen it yet, but I have resigned. I plan on sticking around and snooping through forums and discord still but I have 0 motivation to play ingame. Figured there is no reason to keep the rank if i'm not really going to use it. Not going to make a big long post and take 100 people and make this all sad. But @tig ole bitties you a real one for saying i was in your top 3.
  8. Let's keep arguing to a minimum on staff apps. This is for rating only, not to unleash the full power of your shitlord ability. Posts had to be hidden already, future issues won't just be hiding.
  9. Can you think of any games that are on switch that it's worth buying?
  10. He will figure it out when he is older lol
  11. it be like that sometimes man. But i'm not a long post kinda guy.
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