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  1. Demon.

    Switching restrictions

    My steam id : STEAM_0:0:81339467 Job name : Big Thiccy New restrictions : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1544670165&searchtext=demonic, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646420857&searchtext=fortnite
  2. Just confirming, I am going to be making a post and changing my restriction off Lucoa, Jamb0rk should be the player getting it when i swap off.
  3. Only reason I resigned instead of on break was because I had a lot of temporary issues and I was not sure if I could have them handled in the 3 week on break period. I see no reason for it to be happening again. Figured I'd resign to keep my record clean and not get warns/strikes over it.
  4. Demon.

    Madis application

    Pretty much I don't want to -1 because you are a great guy and seem chill ill leave it as a +/-
  5. I genuinely apologize if this upset you, I really meant for it to be a joke.
  6. http://prntscr.com/mm5ist Was just having a little bit of fun, we used to be friends thought I could joke. my b.
  7. ur pretty sexy you know that.
  8. If I could get permission to edit my previous comment in that would be fantastic.
  9. RDA : Rda is a player randomly arresting, It's just like RDM but with arresting and is typically punished the same as rda. When I get called to a sit for RDA I ask both parties what happened, Most of the time it is a cop misunderstanding/unaware of default law with this scenario I will inform them why what they did was wrong and further explain the correct laws, then I would give the player a verbal warn. If the player already has previous warns / should know better I would add on a jail to the warn, and if it is 7+ arrests I typically ban for MRDA,
  10. ah shit, i removed it to fix it, got distracted and didn't put it back in. I'm going to leave a comment of what it would have been.
  11. Not here to argue or have a big discussion about anything, but could you elaborate a bit here, or potentially give an example?
  12. call me out on that, thats it. no foot rubs tonight.
  13. Gotcha, for some reason I was thinking the amount of perms i had made me staff better
  14. I love the support but what does this mean lol