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  1. +1 Super nice guy Never have issues with him is somehow good at spotting alts? I dunno he pms me to check people out and has found atleast 2 App is a little spotty but that is what the tmod training stage is for, we can't expect people to be perfect before they even have staff.
  2. Consider Bitcoin extra printers and go Bitcoin farmer
  3. Sometimes you just gotta do it to em.
  4. Demon.

    I'm that nigga

    Much cancer, but also much greatness.
  5. Too many people looking for get rich quick schemes not realizing players stacked with perms are typically players who have more than a year on the server
  6. Yes, take care of them papa
  7. Refreshing a page and going to a new one reverts back the inspect element, get wrecked nerd
  8. is he okay? does anyone know him? i think we should send help
  9. Demon.


    Why are we bullying this kind soul, lets be nice fellas.
  10. An actual bow would be dope, however I don't think this is it chief
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