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  1. Demon.

    ImmortalxReaper's Moderator Application

    Fat +1 Super nice Knows rules Good app Fun to play with Is on at the aids hours like me when little to no staff get on
  2. Shotgun is nice, smg is eh. If you already have a ppsh, shatter or mp40 don't bother... Also shotty is a doorbreak
  3. Demon.

    Officer Ducky Staff Application

    I'm not sure how working to improve your image will impact the server in a bad way
  4. Demon.

    Officer Ducky Staff Application

    Changing your image in a community is very hard once it's established. First impressions mean a lot to people and you have to work super hard for weeks sometimes even months. Don't lose hope, just keep trying.
  5. Heads up, if you are going to buy one of the two new guns, get the shotgun
  6. Demon.

    Officer Ducky Staff Application

    edited the actual app /thread (right? don't we auto deny for that?)
  7. Demon.

    Marble's Moderator Application

    her as mod is a scary thought but yolo +1 Super nice has been working really hard to have a firm understanding of rules, even asking to spectate some sits to get a better understanding other than some propkilling issues, haven't had a problem with her.
  8. Demon.

    Saavik Chekov's Mod App

    I did look through dates of his replies on his profile.
  9. Demon.

    Saavik Chekov's Mod App

    In my eyes it just looks like he picked back up recent. I was a bit too harsh.
  10. Demon.

    Saavik Chekov's Mod App

    +/- Last time you resigned after like a week little forum activity I rarely see you on, but thats most likely because of my schedule. really nice guy tho
  11. Demon.

    Jezza's Moderator Application

    They reached out to me the following day to help out with the giveaway, they gave me the number that they were waiting to be guessed before it even started, and was not asking for money to join, was probably just a misunderstanding. Anywho, +1 Super nice person Okay app, some of it needs a little work Great forum/ingame activity
  12. Demon.

    Revolt's Moderator Application

    a weak +1 + Friendly + Seems to know rules + good app - Just coming back, however i feel it's been long enough