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    Lord Raven Moderator Application

    +/- Kind and never had problems Active Issues with staff app which I’ll point out Won’t freeze props first, instead of looking around check logs. Prop spam is a immediate permanent ban after telling him he is being banned. Try to get proof first Gag/mute him for the start, staff disrepect isn’t a punishable offense but if he continues after the sit, it’s downright harassment Don’t take sits unless sits are called/asked, 180 seconds is way too long for 1 RDM case Last thing, try to add more commas in certain parts I wish you the best luck!
  2. Marble

    Traps staff app

    -1 Application looks rushed Minge (when rag dolls were spawnable he attempted to kill people with them because they did damage and after that he RDMed someone then left, no staff were on at this time) Constant shit posts Extremely immature I’ve mostly only had bad experiences with you Sometimes toxic You necropost a lot More proof of you being a minge ^ You try to get people in trouble on purpose
  3. Marble

    adding a friend to my custom job

    pLeAsE uSe ThE TemPlAtE iDioT
  4. Marble

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    @Jouaram, can you make a new Add-on collection with everything up to date?
  5. Marble

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    Can a Lawyer kill cellmates for tying to escape?
  6. Marble

    [ARCHIVED] Server Update Blog

    I think I’ve just never interacted with him
  7. Marble

    Custom Job Pickpocket Fix!

    Your Jobs Name (EXACT, INCLUDING ANY PUNCTUATION): some anime ethot Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0 :452446155 Mine is newer and I lost mine when you did the edit