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  1. You too! Remember not to lie to staff this time!
  2. Today I’m actually leaving the server I will join sometimes if @Johnny Sparklez is playing but I have no other reason. Thank you to all the people who’ve become friends of mine, I’ll miss you all. This server has become dull to me due to the constant harassment and hate. I think I’ve made a small little impact but it still makes me happy that people may remember me. I might check the forums but probably not. I’m not really the most mentally healthiest and this server was a big stress to me so I just want to get it off my back. I love all of the people who liked me and considered me friends, if you still want to talk to me, my current Discord is Ms Pitiful#8617 Goodbye
  3. I believe the Amphetamine was a thing before, not sure why it was disabled but the meth system is fine
  4. Colours can’t spell “Colors” correctly
  5. That’s sounds pretty gay but I’ll allow it
  6. +1 Fun Decent app Knows rules Past staff My bestfriend from the start
  7. I’m sorry for your loss, if you do need any help here’s my Discord -> Ms Pitiful™#8617 Other than that, you were cool to hang out with, sad to see you go
  8. Nigga what you just joined?
  9. Wasn’t Informer and Judicator making it worse?
  10. Suicide and being reborn
  11. @DaveThe2ndyeah you stupid power hungry aids
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