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  1. Hi Mr.Ascended Keenu Reeves i am stuck on my app, please assist In-Game Name: [Your username] Age: [Your age] Timezone: [Or your state/province and country] Steam ID: [You can find this by typing status in your in-game console or from HERE] Steam Profile (Link): Hours on the server: [Use your in-game ID card to find your hours.]
  2. +1 @Sarrus? he is sooooooo hot and he can rap sooooooooo good oh my im so fucking hot2trot just thinking abt him @Sarrus?pls marry me
  3. who fucking cares about his grammar mistakes, you are a goob.
  4. The ricardo sexy dance sig is to much for my eyes
  5. Im resigning rn, ive had my fun. Ive helped out the community as much as i could, its time for me to move on. I got rid of alot of my perms and intend on keeping the few i have left so please dont ask. Thanks to all the ppl who made my life easier, those who made ret a better experience for myself. Sorry to those i might let down or frustrate with my resignation. Hope you understand. Theres a lot of ppl i want to shout out but im to lazy so you know who you are. Hopefully ill make my return someday but ill be in to check on you hooligans every now and then.
  6. I sell bases for the low low when im on, if you want to rip off new players thats your call.
  7. so i just fucking wasted a good few seconds of my life
  8. Some people will sell there bases for a couple mil (5-10mil maybe more) would try to find someone willing to sell.
  9. Fr goodluck! ill have to join you sometime.
  10. +/- you seem chill i dont see you ingame alot (i have a fucked schedule so may be on me) You should def reapply if this falls through!
  11. +1 this guys fucking 15?! he sounds 47 1/2. cool guy Good app
  13. +1 Your mature and trustworthy I see the flaws in your app but i dont think there anything serious I think you would be a good addition to the staff team.
  14. This is so funny after what just happened to him LMAO
  15. well i thought he was pretty chill as "shayy" lmao rip i wouldve never noticed.
  16. You can prob buy like a shit ton of VBUCKS instead.
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