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    thank you for your service sir
  2. -1 Its quiet apparent you lied about your age apparently. I'm not one to talk, but I'm pretty sure 11/12 is kinda young. Sound pointed out a minor error in your app ^ I have to see you in game, this could be my fault though.
  3. +1 This dude has been active and nice asf. I know he knows the rules well and is on top of people breaking rules
  4. +1 for now I understand where a lot of these people are coming from saying you can be somewhat mingey. I feel like your recent activity has gone up as well as behavior compared to what it was before. You are showing that you care to improve yourself in the community, cuz I know you used to be worse than people are saying now. With a good mentor you could easily become a good staff, as you are able to take situations seriously, and with maturity, when it matters. This application is good, you experience and time on the server is amazing. Assuming you keep this up my +1 remains, I don't expect to see any of this negative stuff people are talking about happening. Gl bruv
  5. rip the homie. We had our differences at first, I remember u had a party with “OG players only” and a lot of my friends were in it so i was too and u got extra pissed at me for awhile over it . We made up for sure tho and ur a really nice guy when you get to talking with others. Gl with the air force and ur future my dude you will do great things
  6. we gonna make a track one day homi, see u soon love u no homo
  7. Accepted We went ahead and gave you head admin.
  8. Almost all corsair keyboars are a great option, I have a corsair strafe and k70 both great products. I have also used razor and I wouldn't rate them as well. With razer what are you are getting from the price is cool lights and a nice program, way overpriced.
  9. they stretched out parts they didn't have to making it long asf, but managed to rush areas that shouldn't have been. GG to the taco scene tho
  10. I’m failing english class
  11. I went to go see slipknot live that shit was heat, but ima be honest its not my go-to music genre. Still enjoyable tho
  12. Sarrus?

    Sing along

    F is for French Revolution
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