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  1. this is actually so good characters fit pretty well not gonna lie
  2. he isnt the greatest but he is still fun to play i will respect the champs you play if you respect mine
  3. this guys got it yall all subjects to my statement
  4. changin to a +1 smile has been banned long enough, he has never even been toxic or doxxed anyone i believe him. he deserves another chance especially this early
  5. -1 I couldn't have worded this any better tbh. I feel like this app tries to be honest so hard, but your toxic personality just gives it the vibe of being completely fake. You aren't ready to come back and I honestly I don't want you to be.
  6. Im gonna miss you man. Hope you continue what you are doing and become successful in this path brother, seems like something you want to do. Gl man
  7. Huge +1 Other than the time you were inactive you made a great staff member, a great higher up at that. You have been really active recently and I have high hopes that inactivity will never really be a big issue for you again. The app hits all the key points, we all know you have a good understanding of the rules. You are super friendly overall to players and a great guy to hang out with. Just jump him to admin honestly
  8. im thinking like dark cosmic jhin a lot of purple stars n stuff maybe a pretty sunset or like raining, idk i dont think all that would look good together so if you are up for it/have the time pick and choose pog
  9. -1 I have not seen you on at all recently (which could be my fault). Yes people change with time, but I have yet to be proven that you have changed and have anywhere near good intentions for the server. Until I personally see a change or hear about it I will change my mind. You probably know that word spreads and I have heard nothing but bad things is all I got to say.
  10. I don't think you have had many positive interactions at all when it came to sits dude, don't blame the staff for that, maybe take a moment to realize why all these people hate you. Just because you were in the wrong 90% of the time doesn't mean anyone was biased against you, also I didn't want to take your sits anymore because I was tired of the bullshit that came with them.
  11. To be honest because of your recent behavior I would like to know who actually wants you to appeal and come back, your toxicity finally bit you in the ass. Good luck cleaning this one up bud.
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