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  1. we need more tk weapons. only weapon now is kfc… when is it gonna be able to heal???
  2. If I'm giving you 75mil for a double garage door build it better be made of gold and diamonds also better be the best base ever `~` ~Galaxy (Edit it was lowered down to 75mil)
  3. I love the borderlands series, I believe it's one of the best out here. Offers a lot of play time and fun in co-op or single player mode and on of the best stories. I hope they don't ruin it with the 3rd game... But umm ark is cool to I guess or rainbow six
  4. Potato salad is a good source for protein the body will love it and you... OMG well half the perms are gone now great gg
  5. how do you get negative rep also if this is gonna be a thing we should get a spy plane and we can spy on other people oooooooooorrrrrrrr hear me out a rpg that shoots rockets good idea ngl
  6. damn I go offline during all the cool shit
  7. If you have 60-75mil+ get the Icarus smg it's ok I would say its more useful for healing party members and of course get a ocelot or rustic shotgun they got for like 10-20mil. Maybe if you can get a Icarus shotgun it can go for 150-200mil abit out your price range but its good if you can get it. Other then that no guns really sell for that low I think and not worth getting. Hope this helped you out in some way and hope to see you grow your inventory. Have fun on this server.
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