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  1. I am grateful for @Sullyツ as he is a cool dude and has an awesome looking dog with a long snout . He also has a job (unlike most people on ret) and gives people free discord nitro when he can.
  2. I am thankful for @Sarrus? J Sag for also necroposting on a post that has been nercoposted. And he can deepthroat a burrito pretty good 9/10 -1 he deleted the logic diss
  3. maybe . . . people. . . wanna . . . talk . . . about. . . the. . . current. . . state. . .of. . .ret. . . and. . . talk. . . about. . .their. . .current. . . views. . .idk????? it doesn't all have to be about demotions or resigning he has a right to say that as it's his opinion and he can express himself. It just opens up another thought and or view for others
  4. Didn't you just do that with me a like a day ago saying you didn't like me because I talk with the same people? HELLO . . . kind of hypocritical if i do say so myself not only that but you believe a rumor that was debunked but yet you still believe it about me. . .
  5. dumpster is a place where people don't see things on such topics like post and will not be taking seriously or nobody would see it
  6. no way in hell are you getting unbanned now after what you are doing with the server rn
  7. i am totally not force to say hey free smile man he is a good guy. HELP ME HE HAS A GUN TO MY AHJIboid YUWQGDFP78
  8. you guys are mad he is gonna be a future army solider smh you niggas. He is gonna wear gucci and LV on the battlefield
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