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  1. OK as i used to base a lot back in 2018 the problem i found with basing overtime and why it's died down: 1. The basing rules have changed to often and with these switches people have had to redo their bases so many times and every time people did manage to fix their base it was to late and another base update took over and they had to rebuild their base. Not only that but it changed so often most of the staff members didn't even know what was legal and illegal in a base. Plus the rules started switch even thought their was nothing wrong with them, the only problem was sidewalks as i feel it would be op today because at the time speed drugs could make you got mach 10. Also like to add with the basing changes you guys are focusing on the wrong ideals all the changes you've made like the windows and transparency or the fences props didn't matter because once people got use to it. . . . you changed it again so it didn't help basing it destroyed it. you guy focused on the little thing instead of the big picture so people would have to change their base for so much little shit they go fed up. If you are gonna change basing at least keep it that way for longer than 3 weeks and change something major. If you add more op things it's just gonna kill basing and raiding all together. 2. People have earned all the cash throw other was of means and it's to easy to earn a lot. Back in 2018 when the kfc bucket and kiss swep came out people had to at least somewhat grind for it and didn't just go meth cook for 2 hours and get 500mil. Also this could contribute to custom printers as most people that bought custom printers found out about the hard nerf found out they just wasted their money on something that give you 3mil or less an hour. On the contrary custom are also what changed the economy for ever and should've had a cap from the beginning. Even though i think custom printers should've had a cap all the money people have wasted on the store just to be back stabbed is a low blow. Fyi im making this while using my elbow
  2. I can proudly say harvey has better luck than big booty lips I spent $150+ and got jack shit
  3. Agreed -1 you are probably a cool guy but haven’t been active for a long time and only have been here for like a day. I would wait a little longer as you could go back to being inactive and fall straight back into that place. Just give it time and more effort and I think you can be staff again
  4. Loads’a’money toy hammer mc torch pink cat hoodie a rainbow trail(buying btw) scythes 1-2 ebon weapons(because they one shot)
  5. i would like you to surprises me with a signature. If you choose to make me one i would just do something that best fits me or a theme that would best fit me.
  6. This will be my favorite server and I will always remember the people that I met in my early days of ret. I’m leaving because of all the drama that’s been plaguing ret and the low numbers also due to the fact I don’t find it fun anymore. It’s insane to me a gmod server can even have more drama then a tv show literally named “total drama islands” anyways. I hope one day to comeback to an active server and be able to have fun again and hope to have a good staff team. I’ll see you guys soon Not @ing anyone as I I find that to be a bit stupid but I tried to have fun with most of the people I met on the server so yea bye bye ps: I’m gonna still play until I get rid of my fucking 10bil so someone him me up with rare perms after that then me go bye bye I’ll comeback one day. . . probably
  7. If you are reading this hey man or woman, I just wanna tell you to have a good day and keep your chin up.
  8. I am grateful for @Sullyツ as he is a cool dude and has an awesome looking dog with a long snout . He also has a job (unlike most people on ret) and gives people free discord nitro when he can.
  9. I am thankful for @Sarrus? J Sag for also necroposting on a post that has been nercoposted. And he can deepthroat a burrito pretty good 9/10 -1 he deleted the logic diss
  10. maybe . . . people. . . wanna . . . talk . . . about. . . the. . . current. . . state. . .of. . .ret. . . and. . . talk. . . about. . .their. . .current. . . views. . .idk????? it doesn't all have to be about demotions or resigning he has a right to say that as it's his opinion and he can express himself. It just opens up another thought and or view for others
  11. Didn't you just do that with me a like a day ago saying you didn't like me because I talk with the same people? HELLO . . . kind of hypocritical if i do say so myself not only that but you believe a rumor that was debunked but yet you still believe it about me. . .
  12. dumpster is a place where people don't see things on such topics like post and will not be taking seriously or nobody would see it
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