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  1. Yes, it's for role playing experiences but since you've became inactive I really wouldn't expect you to know.
  2. +1 Nice guy I guess Knows the rules I guess Is active I guess All around a decent guy I guess
  3. I remember Hans and I would would always somehow get in deep convos when we just originally talked about how shit the server was. Miss that shit. "It's just fucking fucked"
  4. Introduction: Hello, my name is Lucifer Morningstar. Some of you know that I'm very big into role-play and that I role-play as a character named "Lucifer Morningstar". Lucifer Morningstar as you can imagine is the devil and will be doing a lot of evil later in the future but for now, I'm going to be focusing on selling your soul. Concept: Selling your soul usually consists of asking for the wanted favor and offers his/her soul in exchange. However, I've decided to add a little bit more. Once you sell your soul to Lucifer he will now owe you any type of favor (just one so use it wisely) as long as it doesn't break any in-game rules. Once Lucifer has done said favor it is now up to the person selling his soul to hold up his part of the bargain. All the person has to do is copy an advance duplication of a specific shrine that Lucifer made and ALWAYS place it in your house/shop/base. This shows other players that you worship Lucifer. If you don't want other to know you worship Lucifer but you have sold your soul then I don't mind if you try to hide it a little but you must place it in your base. Pictures: Shrine: Lux (The soul selling area): Location: If you have any questions just ask below.
  5. I remember way back then when we were in a fucked situation with someone who was spreading around a person's nudes in the community. Although, now that I look back on it that was actually super hilarious. See ya buddy. Don't ask who I am.
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