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  1. you form a gang and mrdm HMMMMM dont say shit is bad when you have done the exact same thing but worst
  2. So I'm here only for 1 thing, im giving someone a slot in my Custom character because I don't want it to go to waste, my money that I spent on this server first one that doesn't already have an ultimate Custom Job gets it all you need to do is put your steam ID in the reply thing. Also, fuck off I wont reply to everyone and I already gave my perms away, I did not get banned from the server I just realized how much it's going in the shitter, i've talked to some people that have been banned for "Toxicity" or "Harassment" which is BS im not saying who nor will I say shit about Dave except for him being a good staff member back when ret wasn't falling apart. I wasn't mad at the fact that I couldn't make that base design I mainly just got told to quit by someone and i put some thought into it, i now play a server with little to no rdming or people breaking the rules because it's EASY to handle a populated server. This server gains over 100 people at a time on and this server can't handle 40, no disrespect to Flustered or the staff that I actually like. However there normally are staff on 24/7 because they actually have fun being staff. Some people might like being staff, but there's no daily events or anything. It's sad to see how the server has just fallen apart from a server with a few rdmers, to a server with half the server being rdmers and shit, So this is goodbye till I come back in like a week to see who I choose to win and fuck you I made a whole paragraph just to fuck with you. Also all my spelling is correct. Btw im Officer Ducky
  3. what happened to hotwings?!?!
  4. If he gets super or seinor back this cumstain will be wiped up
  5. i remember you but nobody knows who i am in game i will never let anyone know who i am
  6. 21709+ hours minecraft 2600+ hours gmod 400+ csgo
  7. yeah but alot ofvets have quit because of the server being filled with minges like half the time or something like that
  8. YEah this is the reason that almost all the "vets" have quit like Officer Ducky and Yelsew and a ton more. THis server needs a change because it will die if there is no change to it and it WAS a decent server when i first started playing
  9. this is his quitting post, how do you expect him to apply if hes leaving you potato
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