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  1. 1 This kid has lots of potential and he really looks like he can be a good staff member
  2. Not trying to argue. And I know I cant ban as a moderator but I would get someone in that case. Such as a higher up.
  3. First a jump base it was for 2 min then I fixed it. Hiding keypads I was told by everyone that was allowed like a large amount of people. It wasn't even very hidden. Third invisible prop ya I did do that but not to get in someones base I just did it in my base. A minge like i said minges dont play for a long time and they dont try to help the server. In my opinion your just and I got in your base.
  4. OMG I didnt even start the ABrokenCondom4Staff second other people spammed it. Third no intention to show server love thats why I have been playing it for a long time and I gave it addons and lua coding to help improve. No love for server huh. Reconsider what you said.
  5. I cant edit my app but i deleted all the mediafire downloads. All the text documents and collections I made. So I think they should be fine to stay up.
  6. Well I didnt pay for it. So it was free when I got it. Nor was it on script foder.
  7. Im on right now and I always see you on. I can understand low hours and low post on forums and low teamspeak but no server advertisement nor leaked scripts thank you.
  8. Not leaked scripts bud I made the text documents. The others arent leaked.
  9. Well thx for the comment. Anal inspector I like it. but im guessing you had to change it for the staff position.
  10. Its Just a joke Socks. A lot of people find it funny. I mean I can even change my name.
  11. Thank you for your comment Baxtr and I remember you too.
  12. I have seen both you on. I have played while both of you are on. I just dont get in trouble maybe thats why you dont remember me.
  13. Sloth we have based together. Advertised another server really. Saying my old server in the past. Im giving all the addons from it not advertising it because its no longer.
  14. Real first name: Alex Slingerland Location:East Coast Age:15 Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:86308867 Steam Profile (LINK):http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198132883463/ In-Game Name:ABrokenCondom How often can you play?:Weekends 5-12. I basically play all night from 8 to at least 12 most nights 3:30. How many in-game server hours do you have?:Over 45 Do you have a mic and do you use it?:Yes Do you have Teamspeak3?:Yes Have you donated?:Not Yet Tell us something about yourself:I am a very social person I love to help people and hang out with friends. Im in high school and I like to play games. Have you read and fully understand the rules and handbook?:Yes Answer the questions below. Have you ever been banned or kicked on this server?:Yes, I have been banned for a week and the staff member didn't even tell me the reason. I just had 80 kills and the only reason I had so many kills was because I was playing all day with my friends raiding and stuff. So i ended up with a lot of kills. I got a 3 day ban for disrespect and chat spam. First I didn't talk to a staff member and all the players liked me so I don't know how disrespect. Second someone said ABrokenCondom4Staff and the whole server started spamming it but they banned me. I said it like once every 3 minutes.I got told it was fine it say it once every 3 minutes. Explain what RDM is and give an example:Random Deathmatch is when a player kills another player for no reason. A player runs around shooting everyone on the map because he is a troll. Explain what RDA is and give an example:random Arrest is when a player arrest another player for no reason. A cop runs around arresting everyone on the server because he is a troll. Explain what NLR is and give an example:New Life Rule is waiting a certain amount of time before returning to your death point. In this servers case its 5 minutes. Also forgetting everything before your death. Player A kills player b because Player A is raiding. Player B cannot come back to his death point for 5 minutes and he forgets everything in his previous life. What is failrp and fearrp and give an example: FailRP is not following the guidelines of your job like being a officer and having printers.. FearRP is like realistically fearing for your life. Say someone is mugging you and if you don't follow their commands then you don't fear for your life. You have to fear for your life. What does it mean to be biased: To lean towards someone or their ways because of relation or they have money or they are nicer and etc. Josh is prop spamming how do you punish him?:For Well first I would remove the props. Second Josh's first offense I would give him a verbal warning. For his second a jail. For his third punishment a kick and if he comes back and continues a 3 day ban. A donator is mass rdming and you've gone to them and jailed them already but they continue to do it, what punishment do you give them?: I would give them a kick and if they continue to come back and RDM I would ban them for a day. You see another staff noclipping through buildings and abusing his/her powers, how do you handle this?:First I would start recording. Second I would alert the higher ups and the owner. Third I would tell him what he's doing wrong explain to him how its abuse. Then if the higher ups didn't see it in game I will provide them with the evidence so they can decide the punishment or warning. You go to a sit and an individual is quite frustrated. He/she expresses his/her frustration by saying "You are a bad Moderator" and follows this up with some foul language. How do you handle his/her attitude towards you?: I wouldn't be so strict with this individual because we have all been there. frustrated about something someone did. First I would try to calm him/her down and comfort the player. Second I would solve his problem. Third I would just tell him the disrespect isn't needed and then I would give him something. Such as money from my personal player or guns and etc. Just to cheer him up or make him a little happy because I don't want to see a sad player. Tell us why you should be staff:I believe I should be staff because of all my experience coding and developing and administrating a server. I have Owned four DarkRP servers, I have been Co-Owner on three DarkRP servers, I have been Super Admin on two DarkRP servers, I have been Admin on two DarkRP servers, I have been Trial Admin on one DarkRP server, I have been Mod on four DarkRp servers, and I have been Trial Mod on one DarkRP server. I have also been many custom staff positions on DarkRP servers. I have also owned a Minecraft server and they are somewhat similar to running a DarkRP server. I believe all this experience sets me up for being a great staff member. Also I know how to handle almost any situation very well and I understand the rules extremely well. I also have been playing on this server for a while now and one more staff member couldn't hurt. In 100 words or less, summarize why you think you'd be an exceptional Staff member: I am extremely good at handling situations. I am very familiar with ULX and how to administrate a server. I understand all the rules very well. I am very prepared for the responsibilites a staff member holds and I believe I can do the server very much good. In Game Name: SteamID: Age: Mic: In Game time On The Server: In Game Time On Gmod: Current Bans/Kicks/Warns: Experience: List Commands That Will Be Used On A Daily Basis: What is NLR? What is RDA? What is RDM? You see Admin abuse. What do you do? A player is threatening to DDos the server if he does not get what he wants. What do you do? How often can you get on? Why do you want to be staff? Who are your friends on the server? Who are your staff friends on the server? If you were in a situation where a player was repeatedly harassing another fellow player, and the player was getting tired of it, what would you do to handle the situation? Have you ever been banned if you have why? Do you know and understand the rules of the server? What is your strongest Staff feature? What is your weakest Staff feature? Have you been staff on any other servers? Are you aware on how to use Staff and Staff powers? Are you experienced with ULX? What do you do if a player disrespects you? What do you do if you saw a player threatening a player? What do you do if you see a staff member disrespecting other players? What do you do if you saw a player exploiting? If someone reported an RDM what would you do? What would be an appropriate punishment for RDMx9? What would you type to jail someone for 25 seconds with ulx? Are you allowed to physgun players for an admin situation? How do you handle a sit if one person asks to bring a friend as proof? How would you handle refunds if you were the only admin on and the server just crashed? How would you handle a fight between two moderators if you were an admin? Several players group up on a player and harass him to the point of RDMing, What would you do? If a player with no prior bans, kicks or warns breaks a rule or several, or even a major rule and have a lot of playtime, what would you do? A player was accused of breaking a major rule or several minor rules with no proof and gets kicked/banned and comes back and threatens the server, what would you do? A player is spamming props and was asked to stop by several players but none were staff, What would you do? Someone claims someone broke a rule and says "check the logs" and proof is there but their side seems a load of BS, what would you do? Ant other information you would like us to know? Are you aware by posting this application you are approving that you will be held to the same standards as anyone else? Are you aware you will need to be a active Staff Member in game? Are you aware that you will need to check rules to make sure they didn't change? Are you aware that regardless of you being Approved or Denied, you will not bring the "drama" to the server and forums? Are you aware that by applying for staff you are agreeing that you will not hinder the RP of other players with your staff access? I (Name), hereby claim this application is 100% honest and original and I can be denied on the assumption of copyrighting another player's application. Colors are all weird because I did this is notepad plus plus and Google Docs.
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