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  1. Kinda funny how the first 4 were won by literally the same group of non staff friends but the moment a staff member wins a party hat the events are rigged lmao
  2. Tier 2. Might still need to be overtuned though... Did fix the double reloading bug though. I'll make another post with the weapon list and stats, I'm just getting some last minute features worked out before we deploy.
  3. Slug rounds and dragon breath rounds are technically functional, but there were some bugs so I held off on adding them this patch. A lot of shotguns still need to be modified for them.
  4. Long overdue, but like a lot of things that limited us before, something like that would have required a full rework of the cosmetic systems backend. Thankfully, that's exactly what we did. All the custom inventory code is completely rewritten to not be so damn terrible on the backend and is extremely modular so adding big components is quick and easy. Same thing goes with the entire framework handing the gun modification system and the modifications to TFA. Down the line, something like special ammo types would be a LOT easier to add than it would have been without the robust framework we have now.
  5. There's some more shit that I'm trying to wrap up rn, and this post doesn't go deep into the guns or conquest zones yet. Today was really exhausting though. We don't deploy until Wednesday anyways. I'll make a weapon guide post probably tomorrow morning.
  6. Hi, welcome to my update post. This Wednesday afternoon, we will be undergoing a large-scale framework upgrade to many of the core components of the base RetributionRP experience. Some time ago, we had come to the realization that we were severely limited by our existing framework and we were long overdo for an overhaul of even our most basic features. Although it took a few more months to develop than I had anticipated, this update should be the start of what will hopefully be large, quality content updates over the next few months. It was important to do these foundational changes first before moving forward. Many of the things we would like to do with Retribution were limited by the tools available to us. This update will bring players many new tools and features that will improve most of their day-to-day exploits on the server. We have other big stuff planned, and this is the new foundation we will be building off of. There's a lot of minor nuanced stuff that isn't mentioned in this changelog list. There was a sufficient amount of QA and Testing that went into this new framework for deploying so the best way to really get used to the new stuff is to just get on the server and try it out. Consider this a soft reset. A weapon modification guide and conquest tutorial will be posted soon. Core Framework Updates Permanent Inventory and Inventory Framework re-written from scratch. Many new features added. Many bugs fixed. Inventories will not be reset - all your perms are carrying over. Item Crafting and Item Scrapping added as central game mechanics. Weapons re-balanced from the ground up using a logical framework. Full weapon meta details can be found in THIS thread.(Will be Added soon). Weapons can now be modified to have base stats such as damage, RPM, and range upgraded, adding new depth to the weapon system. TradeCo re-written. New features and bug fixes. Trade system re-written. New features and bug fixes. Cosmetics handler rewritten. Hats/Masks can be worn in any combination, and can have their rotation, offsets and even scale adjusted to fit your player model perfectly. Updated Inventory Database (NEW) C-Menu Main Menu added containing buttons to open most of our menus. Contains everything from your permanent inventory to the outfitter configuration panel. (NEW) Every Permanent SWEP now details their source origin and how they were originally obtained. (CHANGE) Several descriptions updated. (NEW) Most item lists in the new framework can be hovered over to view additional information in a tooltip. (CHANGE) Dropped inventory items reworked. Inventory items have static physics boxes (no more perms on the floor rolling away) and display much more information about an item previously. (BUGFIX) Inventory system consistency checks improved. Fixed not spawning in with your SWEPs equipped or losing them upon changing jobs. (BUGFIX) Inventory networking rewritten to update inventory data more optimally. (No more crashing from large trades). (CHANGE) Cash is now handled as an inventory item. You can still /dropmoney and pay for items as normal. Money is just now usable through trade windows and visible from your inventory. (NEW) Cash can be converted into Gold Bars, just select the cash from your inventory and a button to convert the gold will appear instead of an "Equip" button. (BUGFIX) Temporary SWEPs now persist through disconnects and jailings. (CHANGE) Ammunition is now an inventory item and persists through restarts and death. (Base ammunition cost has increased - but you don't need to stock up every time you spawn anymore. Plus, Gunpowder is readily accessible in the world now from other player activities.) (NEW) Market Price added into an items description. Market Price is a HIGH BALL price of how much it would cost to upgrade or produce a particular item if the components were bought from NPC's or the F4 menu. Generally, players will sell items a percentage BELOW Market Prices to be fair. (CHANGE) Hobo dumpster loot is determined by a new RNG algorithm, and new loot has been added to their drop table. (Dumpsters have had raw cash removed from their drop tables. Temporary enigmas removed from drop tables. Temps of most Tier 2 weapons now drop from dumpsters. You have rare chances to find 3-5 token eggs.) (CHANGE) Token eggs can be consumed directly from the inventory now - you no longer need to wait for them to "hatch". (BUGFIX) Arbitration between Hat and Mask cosmetics removed. Cosmetics are now merely classified as "Cosmetics". (CHANGE) Permanent SWEPs are now sorted into 3 separate categories: Permanent Weapons, Permanent Emotes, and Permanent Tools. Enigma Rifle (BLUE), Enigma Rifle (WHITE), Enigma Rifle (RED), Enigma Rifle (LIME), Smoke Grenade, MAGA Vape, Medical Vape, Butterfly-Knife Vape, Golden Vape, Hallucinogenic Vape, Keypad Cracker, Rocket Launcher,, Door Charge, Custom Vape, Kidnap Baton, Deployable Cracker, Bugbait, Unarrest Stick, Sword, Helium Vape, Baby Grenade, Grappling Hook, MEGA Vape, Camera SWEP, Lockpick, Loads'a'money, Medkit, Nomad, Med Kit, Knife, HL2 Stunstick, Climb Swep, Frag Grenade, Juicy Vape, S.L.A.M., Hitman Binoculars and Dragon Vape are classified as "Permanent Tools". ACME Device, Anime Doll, AR2 Rifle, Baby Doll, Bird, Blue Plasma Sword, Carving Stone, Cat Doll, Cat Gun, Chainsaw, Confetti Blaster, Police Doll, Crossguard Red Plasma Sword, Dab, Dance SWEP, Dragon Transformer, Dual Yellow Plasma Sword, Ebon Axe, Ebon Bow, Ebon Dagger, Ebon Sword, Ebon Warhammer, Facepunch, Flip, Freakout, Gamma Blade, Gesture SWEP, God's finger, Green Plasma Sword, HL2 Crossbow, HL2 Magnum, HL2 Pistol, HL2 Shotgun, HL2 Smg, Stealth Box, Jihad Toy, KFC Bucket, Kiss SWEP, The Lost Plasma Sword, Master Sword, Middle Finger, Diamond Sword, Minecraft Torch, Mysterious Heart, Noose Toy, Popcorn Big, Purple Plasma Sword, Red Plasma Sword, Salute, Hween 2k18 Scythe 1, Hween 2k18 Scythe 2, Hween 2k18 Scythe 3, Hween 2k18 Scythe 4, Selfie Camera, Smart Pen, Spooky Plasma Sword, Super Revolver, SuperShotty, Surrender, Swass, Toy Hammer, White Plasma Sword, Young White Branch Toy, Camel Swep (Christmas), and NES Zapper are now classified as "Permanent Emotes". (CHANGE) Hard limit of 20 permanent items equipped (16 for User, 18 for Member). (This limit ignores Equipped Temporary Weapons and Cosmetics.) (Due to Weapon Enhancements, you can carry multiple of the same weapon, thus technically allowing infinite weapons to be equipped.) (NEW) Items can now be account bound. Account bound items cannot be dropped, traded or sold. New Inventory Menu (NEW) Item Description information has been completely revamped. Inventory panel now displays full flavor text and descriptive info about an item. (NEW) Description now shows where all Permanent SWEPs came from. (NEW) Description will also show a Permanent Weapons stats such as their damage and magazine capacity from within the inventory panel. (NEW) Model preview displays cosmetics and trails from within the inventory preview. You can now browse trails from within your inventory without having to equip them and "trying them on". You can also see what they look like from within a trade window. Garry's Mod 2020.05.25 - (NEW) Drag + Drop functionality. You can equip items by either clicking on them and pressing the "Equip" button that appears, or you can just drag and drop it into your equipment list. (NEW) Scrapping or Crafting from this menu will automatically open up the appropriate panel and automatically select the most relevant recipe for the item you selected. (BUGFIX) Trade menu now lets you select the quantity and preview item stats and descriptions by hovering over selections. Rewritten Cosmetics Handler (BUGFIX) Cosmetics no longer distinguish between "hats" or "masks". All cosmetics are now categorized as "Cosmetics". (CHANGE) You can now equip up to 5 Cosmetics. (NEW) You can manually adjust Cosmetic Offsets, Rotations, and even their Scale from your Inventory Panel by clicking "Edit Cosmetic Offsets" in your Inventory Panel. Current X/Y/Z max offsets are -10/+10 Hammer Units Object rotations can be 100% adjusted (-180 / +180) Max scale modification ranges from 0.4x size to 1.6x size. (BUGFIX) Cosmetics will auto-equip and auto-position when you connect. Cosmetic configurations are saved locally to your client. (NEW) Cosmetics are no longer limited to just your head. Future cosmetic packs will feature items that can be parented to other parts of your body such as your arms and legs. Weapon Rebalance and Rework A guide with detailed info about all the updated gun stats can be located here (Will be Added soon). (CHANGE) Range and damage falloff have been added as components of weapon balance. All weapons have an optimal range where they can deal 100% damage. Doubling a weapons optimal range will reduce it's damage up to 50%. A weapons damage cannot fall below 50%. As an example, if a Shotguns effective range is 10 meters, then it will do full damage at 10 meters, 75% damage at 15 meters, 50% damage at 20 meters and 50% damage at 30 meters. (CHANGE) Weapons are now assigned a Tier and a Category. (CHANGE) Weapons are split up into 6 categories. Pistol, Heavy (Shotgun), Sniper, Light, Assault, and Heavy Assault. (CHANGE) Weapons are now split into 4 Tiers. Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 weapons. Tier 0 weapons cannot be upgraded or modified. These are largely legacy weapons from old custom jobs and the previous gun dealer temporary weapons. They are no longer accessible in-game. Tier 1 weapons are cheaper-common permanent weapons such as Advanced Weapons and the Ocelot Series. Tier 1 weapons have the highest average BASE stats. Weapons Dealer now sells temps of all Tier 1 weapons. Tier 2 weapons are limited-timed event weapons or exclusive store weapons. These are guns that you could obtain at some point, but are no longer obtainable. The upgrade paths on this gun are slightly limited. Tier 3 weapons are rare-RTD weapon drops. Tier 3 weapons have average base stats, but cost the least to upgrade and have the highest average stats when fully upgraded. (NEW) All weapons can be "upgraded" into a MK2 version of itself. It requires an upgrade module of the same tier of the weapon (Tier 2 weapons need a Grade 2 Upgrade Module for example). (NEW) Weapon upgrade modules can be crafted from crafting components dropped from Conquest Zones, Hobo Dumpsters, and Miners (iron). Tier 1 and Tier 3 weapons can also be scrapped down for upgrade resources. Weapon modules can also be purchased from Mo's Pawn Shop at Market Price. (NEW) MK2 versions can upgrade individual components of the gun such as their "Damage", "Accuracy", "Speed (RPM)", "Magazine" and "Optimal Range". (NEW) Weapons now support attachments. Some weapons, such as the Ocelot Sniper and S.T.A.R. Rifle will come with attachments after upgrading them to MK2. New weapons that currently support attachments: Atlas Pistol, Atlas Evo Rifle, Atlas Shotgun, Ocelot Shotgun Weapons that have had their MODELS UPDATED to support attachments: Ocelot Sniper, Ocelot Dominator (now requires a speedloader for faster reloads), Icarus SMG, Icarus Shotgun, S.T.A.R. Rifle, Kar98k and Plasma Rifle. (NEW) Loose attachments drop from Conquest Zones. Attachments that can drop right now are Silencers, Kobra Sights, Optech Sights, Red Dot Sights, 2x Red Dot Sights, 4x Scopes, Laser Modules, Foregrips and Revolver Speedloaders. (CHANGE) Modified weapons cannot be sold on TradeCo. They much be either traded or sold in a player-run shop. (CHANGE) Runspeed velocity is now controlled by the framework. Heavier weapons slightly reduce your maximum run speed. Sprinting has a gradual acceleration to full speed. Sprinting momentum is carried for a short duration after holding sprint, allowing you to shoot from a running start. Sprinting above a certain run speed and then crouching will cause you to dive and slide. Good for quickly shooting around doorways or corners. Jumping and crouching now triggers a dive animation. Garry's Mod 2020.05.25 - Other New Content Conquest Zones added. Duke it out once an hour and fight for control of the Island with your party. Has bigger payouts based on participants and server pop. Three new weapons added to the game. The "Atlas Pistol", "Atlas Evo Rifle", "Atlas Shotgun", available from Conquest loot caches. Garrys_Mod_2020.05.11_-_00.30.53.05.mp4 31 new dances added. 17 are available through the "Dance Instructor" now found at Mo's Pawn Shop. The Dance instructor can only teach three dances at a time, and will change his mind about which dance he is willing to teach you daily. The rest of the Dance emotes are available through Conquest loot drops. Beginners Pack has been reset and new items are available through it. If you've bought it previously, this updated version can be bought again. (Not Live Yet) Day/Night Cycles re-added. New script is minimal impact, and performance hit should be negligible. Some other stuff I probably forgot to document
  7. Custom printers may still be changed into something with more long-term sustainability. I suggest waiting. I dont plan on nerfing them more though.
  8. Deathie

    Ban Weebs

    Take over? You're out of your mind if you think this wasn't always a weeb server.
  9. It's all contextual. There's a difference between harmless banter and outright harassment. Having to deal with unique contextual situations is difficult for some people though, and it overloads them. Thankfully, a staff member wrote a guide for people like you who have trouble telling the difference here.
  10. Noted, will check volumes. Are there any other guns that are unreasonably loud?
  11. They're actually higher than they were before, so what's being mentioned here is probably a placebo. It was 16 originally (1k max rpm), 33 yesterday (2k max rpm) and now its 22 which is just around 1320 max rpm. So technically, those weapons with 1200 rpm shouldnt have changed...
  12. Correct, they will show up on contraband scanners without a license and will be flagged as illegals.
  13. Bitmining will be illegal without a license. The license adds a 30% tax to print legally.
  14. Technically it is, since it's being turned into a essential resource. Bitminers are also getting "nerfed" with the PD licensers.
  15. It's an active process that grades you on your accuracy. Mistakes and interruptions can affect the quality or even ruin your batch.
  16. Also to note, the old meth system was removed for stability reasons - it was causing a lot of crashes. I do think the payout should be increased to compensate for the increased effort and difficulty.
  17. If anything, the payout should be bigger since you need a slightly higher IQ to make meth now.
  18. I think that's an arbitrary goalpost though, the value of the commodity isn't determined by their float. None of the "rare" perms are. There's endless 1/<10 trails with no demand that are worthless in our 800+ item database. I could understand this stance if it was being added to an in-game vendor for the same price it was originally available for with an unlimited amount of new float, but even doubling the float of an item with less than 10 float doesn't impact their price AT ALL, especially if they're not being sold for in-game cash. Toy hammers have a float of like 12 while enigmas have like 8x that float. Good luck trading a toy hammer for an enigma though. Float isn't the determining factor of price, it's the demand, and the (non-existent) supply of these items compared to the demand is so high that there aren't real agreed prices on these items, it's up to whatever the person selling it wants to part with it for. You never find sellers for these items unless they're people who have quit, or are quitting and are pawning off their items. This isn't an economy health issue, this is a "I have a 1/8 and I don't want ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE IT until I decide I don't want it anymore" issue. They're items with ludicrously high demand and literally 0 supply. It's a video game and these items were added for people to have fun. What's wrong with more people who want them having access to these items? It's not like every single person who wants a steal box is going to be able to get one, or even adding 10 of them would affect their billions of seller-controlled value. It just gives more opportunities for someone who wants an item to be able to get one.
  19. Lots of people want em' and the only people who have em are inactive accounts and people who wouldn't sell or trade them to begin with. Once the new framework is pushed live, we can soulbind the items and probably open up event rewards to seasonal events and old store items as well.
  20. Limited timed store and seasonal event items aren't eligible to be spawned in. Items that have rotated through in-game vendors or are still obtainable like RTD items are the only ones we have chosen to spawn in so far.
  21. What a sad, desperate attempt of a thread for reputation. Going to the point of being a whiny crybaby over something that's literally as easy as changing one number. Instead of having any sort of civil discourse though, you'd rather try to gaslight and make a thread to just start shit.
  22. This is the intended purpose. The supply from dumpsters is hard-capped by the quantity of dumpsters on the map. The profitability of trash digging is dependent on the quantity of hobos actively searching for loot. This is to maintain value in the higher-quality items in the dumpsters. Hobo dumpsters junk loot will also be a lot more useful very, very soon.
  23. The one who actually made them was none of the people you tagged, it was @Marki. Printers spawn in thresholds of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. When you reach one of those thresholds, you can spawn a second printer at a lower threshold. I believe if you have 12 printers, it will spawn 1 10-stack printer and 1 2-stack printer. There is no hard cap on printers, there is a soft cap on printing speed though. For each printer you have, it prints exponentially slower. 1st printer - 100% (1/1) 2nd printer - 50% (1/2) 3rd printer - 33% (1/3) 4th printer - 25% (1/4) 5th printer - 20% (1/5) and so on. The effective printing rate of a stack of 10 printers is 292%. If you had 2 printers, their rates are independent of each other. If you had a 10 stack and a 2 stack, you would have a printing rate of ~442%. The maximum rate of a single printer is 518% from a single 100 stack printer. I wouldn't recommend going above 15-20 printers. Base Printing rates have a multiplier based on player count as well. The ratings go as followed: 80% > 9 or less players 100% > 10 - 19 players 120% > 20 - 29 players 140% > 30 - 39 players 160% > 40 - 49 players 200% > 50 players or more
  24. There's a chocolate one in the database that has never been given out.
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