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  1. Describe your suggestion as best as possibleReset the economy (reset everyones money)

    Why we should add this suggestionLiterally the economy is the most f*cked up part of the server. Everything is really expensive, especially for new players to the server, everything is too expensive for them to buy. It makes the server get less additions to the community because everyone thinks that the server is normally like this, and that the economy is always this screwed up, with everything being in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Extras: Nothing else to add, other than I know some people aren't going to like this simply because they are either the richest on the server or they have a lot of money. But HEAR ME OUT!!!! This will benefit EVERYONE on the server and will make new players like the server more.

    Thank you for your time, 
    -Sparrow, AKA John Benis

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