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  1. why don’t you post on old threads j should have clarified
  2. that's because I told him to join so he would get unbanned because i knew he was banned falsely
  3. i don't even remember calling her a bitch and bitch is a female dog and i just like how aboos sounds i even added abuse it brackets and i only done it once and i wasn't hoping you wouldn't report it and i just said im doing a staff app because you told me your making a perm list
  4. prawn I have given up at this point I only got one +1 and a billion -1s I have zero hope of becoming staff now
  5. Akuma can you make the joke I wanna hear it also I’m not making excuses I’m defending myself because I thought I needed to
  6. I find it ironic you I hold grudges but you still remember that and I can forgive but never forget was a joke because it sounded funny
  7. I was doing that to joke with you because I thought we were friends
  8. Why does everyone say I’m mingey but not give a example of what I done
  9. what do you mean by shit posting and immature can you give me a example of doing that thanks i just want to improve
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