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  1. Well it feels weird to be back its been almost a year since i've made my last post which if you want the link to it here you go: i guess me and @Cosmo are finally back from our "break" and ya its weird to see all these old admins gone
  2. +1 seems to be very active on teamspeak starting to use forums more good hours app could use work very friendly in game i think he is fit for staff personally
  3. +/- this is your first post on forums never seen on you teamspeak when i was around before i went on vacation i have never seen you in game so i can't say much But my advice don't try to become staff when your not active on forums
  4. This literally your first post on forums you just hit 35 hours bad application never gave examples and didn't give a good response when answering the question, Tell us something about yourself
  5. +/- not active forums, never seen him reply to posts Heard he was advertising staff application in game Never seen him on team speak Never rude see him in game a lot
  6. thanks for all the support guys, you guys are the best
  7. i am going to change my -1 to neutral +/- because he is pretty cool guy and i just talked to him in team speak, and i am not really sure if everything i am said 100% right so ya
  8. i rarely call admins, i am only call them if i am really salty, and i wasn't really salty
  9. Hi guys sorry i haven't been active in general because i have been dealing with a lot of shit. I've been dealing with a lot of school registration because i am becoming a new freshmen in high school even i sound 9 But i am not going to be very active in the past two weeks because i have to go to a cruise in 3 days which is like a 5 day cruise and have to get my stuff ready and stuff like and when i come back i am going to be very tired so i am not going to be playing that day and the next two days after that is like the first day of school and still have stuff i need to turn in for school so sorry about that. and i am going to be dealing with school. you might be asking '' clock why you telling us all this information about your life.'' Because you guys are like my a family to me, ik this may sound cliche or cringey <------- ik its spelled wrong. i am honestly going to miss you guys. if you see me online feel free to say hi.
  10. -1 seen him break rules many time for example: propblocked police armory and raided it, don't know if it was him or one of his friends but still remember him raiding police armory with prop block never been nice to me and has a bad attitude seen him break rules like rdm and nlr Not active on forums
  11. if you trying to change stuff about you know then why are you applying to be staff if your trying to change stuff about your self
  12. -1 seen him prop block in pd if you ask nicely to do something never does like asking him to remove propblock and don't see him active on forums
  13. +1 one of the nicest guys meet always follow rules and makes the best fight clubs
  14. peace out man everybody is just leaving like this right when i join forums
  15. I mean in my opinion if a game would get a 10 everyone would have to love it and not see any issues with it. i mean i never played doom so i can't really say if it deserves a better rating. but you have look at the fact that the people who review are not 100% correct i mean for example: ign gave gta 5 9.5, it would gave got a ten if the loading screens weren't that long. but a lot of people liked it and a lot hated it and said it didn't deserve a 9.5 and so no one can agree on the fact if games deserve 10s or 9s ratings.
  16. +rep ive known him for a long time and every server he has been in, he has followed the rules and never did anything wrong. And he has previous mod experience.
  17. i like how this turned into direct tv thing
  18. wow i just joined forums and i am already seeing people leave hope you find a new game that you will enjoy like gmod
  19. i am going to be honest that made my day i don't feel bad for maybe starting cancer anymore
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