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  1. -1 travis scott +1 rog event
  2. This Lemon guy is kind of Meows a lot but i guess i can overlook that since he tagged me Read Ny Edits Staff Gamers
  3. Denied Alright Commrad before applying you need to be active on forums, I suggest that you write on other staff apps or ban appeals and make yourself known on forums. Also you are missing half the application make sure you follow the trial mod template below. You May Reapply In 7 Days
  4. How long did you have gmod open for?
  5. welcome back brother
  6. glad your using forums welcome back frank
  7. Welcome Back Brother
  8. He is literally an asmr addict, if you want to know about asmr videos hes the best source
  9. @Jerome Valeska Talk to this guy for asmr vids vlad
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