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    • You prop spammed buggys and boats.Big props. You knew what you were doing. -1    
    • Not gonna give a bit but I can tell you this. Work on being mature. Work on the forums more and make some serious posts. Keep on playing. Good luck 👍
    • You prop spammed buggys and boats. Big props. You knew what you were doing. -1
    • propspam is an instant perma sayonara
    • My SteamID https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354178736/:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354178736/     My in-game name:Mr LickyBalls     Staff member who banned me SoundPulserino Screenshot of ban  https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/593245472118931457/593247938533130266/unknown.png     What is the reason of your ban?: I was prop spamming     Why should you be unbanned?: I know that i was doing it to be funny because there was no admins but i really like playing the server and having cool perms and stuff like that i just bought vip elite and med vape and im basically not being able to use it because of the ban and i really don't want to just be perm banned i like the server alot and i know that prop spamming could make it crash and i fell dumb now. I have friends from other places on that server to and i want to enjoy playing with them but since i was banned i cant play with them and I didn't waste my money for nothing i was looking forward to using that stuff but now I can't. You gotta hear me out i really like retribution rp and it's one of my fav dark rp servers and i usually play it after school and work because its fun. I apologize for prop spamming and instead of a perm hopefully i'll be able to take something else i just want to be able to play on  the server again i wont prop spam again never again and thats on my mom i will respect the rules i just want to be back on the server. Please hear me out i really just spent money to show how much I like the server then get banned.      Proof: Don't got any     Previous ban appeals: ive been warned that's about it and that was months ago like a year actually  
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