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Hello. An update on all my music stuff.

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Heyo heyo let's talk about Lost in Prague. Because I want to.

This is Lost in Prague, my next project that I've been talking about for months or whatever. I've made a new album cover, love those guys, it's a modifcation of my painting called "Spectre"


Here it is, basic I know but the text is well centred. So that's good. I feel like this image converys a feeling of being lost, which is perfect for the album literally called "Lost in Prague".

Of course, the title isn't literal, it's not about being lost in Prague, it's about slowing seeping into madness. Not to get too personal, but the feeling of anxiety can very much feel like getting sucked into a hell. Adrenal stimulents don't help usually.

I'll talk more about the individual songs when it's finished, the songs aren't in any particular order at the moment.




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I was checking out your music a few minutes before I saw this post actually, it sounds pretty good and it's really cool how passionate you are about it. I really like the album cover too, keep it up man 😄 

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1 hour ago, Child with a gun said:

i might arise in october

if all the f words arent around anymore then sooner

Ill be sure to PM you if I leave then

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