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Game music/ OST'S that people sleep on

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There are SO many good OST's that no one really talks about, I'm lookin' to find more to jam to, any suggestions?

Of course it would be fucked up for me not to give some of mine up so you guys can add on, so here's a couple

Risk of Rain. Holy fuck is this game's OST good. The entire thing is engrossing and it really helps you feel as immersed you can be with a sidescrolling rpg schmup/dungeon crawler. But as soon as you hit the last level, shit gets quiet for a bit. Then this shit plays.


Scott Pilgrim VS. the World. C'mon, it's Anamanaguchi, you think I'm not gonna rep it? Finding some of the soundtrack by itself is kind of hard seeing how the game was just straight up deleted off the store on the xbox 360, you can find emulations on PC and some xbox's that already had it but, here's a banger that can get you started


Lethal League/Blaze

Both games have straight up good music, nothing more to say on that one

Nitronic Rush. Holy fuck, this game. It was my first racing game on my pc, after playing NFS:U2 and Diddy Kong Racing, and I have to say, a dynamic soundtrack that gets more and more complex the better you are doing, pretty fuckin' dope. The OST is a mix of old Deadmau5 or Electric Rock, depending on the song.

Mighty Switch Force. It's entry level for the OST, but this song bangs hard, for sure.



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My list of fav OST'S are probs: Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 1, Bloodborne, Doom, Bastion, and Hyper Light Drifter.

For unknown or not really recognized ost's I'd choose these 2 below

Lonely Tower:


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down honestly had a fantastic and highly underrated soundtrack. I have always loved this soundtrack and have never really found another like it for a game. It's an unexpected one but really is what make the game great and added the african drum filled rush. I actually use this soundtrack for DND constantly and its perfect for it.There's honestly a lot of unused tracks and a lot of damn good ones too to scour through on the whole soundtrack. The one below is one of my favs.


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@Flustered Pigeon HOLY FUCK thank you for both of those. Different spectrum of music but both of those being that good, nice selection.

Yimo why do you have to have a unicode symbol at the BEGINNING at your name it's impossible to at you

9 hours ago, 🎀 Yimo 🎀 said:

I can't be atted so I HAVE to be quoted, so I get this text as my quote!


I mean, as much as people talk about the game, it doesn't mean that everything is talked about. I seldom hear people talk about the OST so you're golden.

I also have another OST myself that I completley forgot about.

Akumajou Densetsu. Castlevania III. As much as almost all of the castlevania music is praised whenever someone speaks about the game, no one really talks about the stark difference between the NES/Famicom's soundchip.

like the difference between these is shocking, the vrc6 puts out so much work

VS the NES' MMC5 that came stock and stopped the soundchip on the cartridge from being able to be ran on almost all front loading NES'

I will post again to have the full OST'S that I can find, as well as post the full version of CV|III here

(This has reverb on the first play through the soundtrack, it's actually quite good in my opinion, although I recommend swapping between the two to see what you like more)




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a lot of the ost of the legend of zelda and undertale, great songs

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Probably not great for background listening but I love the fact that this is a heavily remixed, dark industrial version of "Paint It Black". Triple A games would never do this kinda shit now but it really lent TMB lots of character, even if it's a lil edgy. Shoutout to every other TM soundtrack too. They're all fantastic. Highlights being TM2 and TM: Head On.

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