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My List of the Greats

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To start off, my time on the server has been great but at the same time I’ve had some ups and downs with a few people. Although there can be some really nasty people in the server, that still doesn’t stop me from remembering all of the great people that have treated me nicely and recognized me as a person. The following is just a list of all the greats of the server that deserve some respect and recognition.


To start, @Byte; Man don’t even get me started on how great this dude is. He is one of my all time favorite people. The moment I met him a while ago on the server, we literally roleplayed and hung out a crap ton. This guy is one of the kindest, most funny, and all around outstanding and surprising guys I know. The moment I met him there was no issues what so ever, in fact I can’t even remember a time we’ve spent together where there has been an issue. To go along with this, this guy never seems to surprise me. Like holy shit, this dude is a jack of all trades, he can sing, play music/instruments, he’s super cool, super nice, super respectful and overall one of my favorite people. (Hey dude we should talk some time 😉)


Second, @stalerman Dude, to be honest, I can’t even describe how awesome of a person you were to all of us. In fact, I was kind of jealous of your singing capabilities. Even though you’ve quit the server, you will always be on this list no matter what. This guy was one of the funniest people I know. He always knew his way around a joke and could make me laugh at any second. All the times that we had together have been pure bliss! Have an awesome life brother!


Third on my list, @SugarMuch; At first I know we haven’t gotten along lately but that’s perfectly okay with me. To be honest, my opinion about you will never change no matter which way you treat me. This guy is by far a 10/10 on the scale of chill. Plus, he’s one of the reasons I roleplay to this day in fact! I’ll never forget you as a friend and as an ally there in the server that’s there to help out. (I’ll never forget the LEGO king)


Fourth on my list, @Sullyツ; Man, I don’t even have words for this guy. He is just a flat out amazing person. Even though I know he’s not much for words, he still makes it on here just for the soul purpose of his persona. This guy also never seems to surprise me when it comes to having fun. Even though staff on the server are given the stereotype as being “strict” or “super toxic” at some times, Sully in my opinion, will never fit this description, he is one of the most chill staff members I know currently and always knows his ways to have fun in certain situations and be strict in others. Man keep up the great work.


If there’s anyone I didn’t mention it’s probably because it’s 3:19am right now and my fingers are getting tired but you all are great people within the community!

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Awh shucks. Thanks man I really appreciate it! I strive to be friendly to everyone and to make sure everyone has great time in the server! 😁

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1 minute ago, VAPE NAYSH YALL said:

I can't believe you have the balls to not add me, props to u

like i said these are the people that DESERVE recognition and have treated me well..

Plus, you and I haven't gotten along much in the past


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