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See You In 2020

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My break now which was supposed to begin on August 15, 2019, will start at this very moment. It is important that I focus in the direction of life I was in before the summer started. If my rank needs to be removed for being gone to long so be it.

With the pursuit of power, some people forget their original goal. With staff members who I have closely been in contact with leaving and going away for awhile I’m going to change what I had originally stated. I will not be returning for a few months. Probably not before 2020 (but who knows), and when it’s time to return, I will make a decision if I will remain on the server or not.

My time on Retribution has not been just good not just great, not just an all-around amazing experience it’s been a journey. I’ve seen many people, and I honestly want to thank everyone who has contributed to making this experience what it has become. However, as of this moment I will be taking a break. Please note if I show up at any time before making a return post my break has not “ended.” I will make a return post when I return.

This time I’m going out of my way to tag some people who have really made this journey enjoyable.


@Flustered PigeonThanks for being there and having faith in me it truly means a lot.

@ByteThanks for being such a wonderful mentor when I was in my T-Mod time. Byte for super. Spread the word.

@Xepharia Thanks for being there through the hard and the easy times.

@SoundPulserino You’re a clown, and I'm still waiting on that name change @DaveThe2nd

@poyo After all the things that have happened. You've still been there to help people when they need it, and you stick up for your fellow staff members. Something, that is not seen all the time.

@Marki Get your head out of Python 2.7 because before you know it there will be a Python 4.0 and that's not even a joke.

@Colours Go away! or I will replace you with a very simple shell script.

@🎀 Yimo 🎀 I will RDM you next time I see you. There’s no point in running away I am inevitable.

@Sarrus? < ----- This guy… a mad man take him out!

@Harry DeathIt’s been a wonderful journey, thanks for being a big part in it!

@Lemon© I mean you’re still a citrus

@Pinkk Where have you gone?

@Pretty Boy Kaden & @Cobra The first two people I interacted with on this server... Cheers!!!

@Shogun4122   My good sir, are very interesting. I've been trying to figure you out, however, I can't... Well... I guess we will never know.

@Johnny Sparklez It's been fun hanging out. I'll definitely look into Rust, and I'll let you know!

@King Tonka It was nice seeing you on again today. Well hope we can play again in the future.


It's been fun, but I'm out...

At least for now.

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We fought..

We agrued

We raged

We were toxic

we were unhappy with each other.

We talked defended ourself on the forums

,But once we became friends we enjoyed each other

You showed me a different side of the server

You gave me experiences I will never forget 

I wasn’t alone on the server because of you

Thank you


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I'm glad we made up and became friends because you were a great guy to be around, even if you RDM me 😭

I gonna miss you man, come back soon and gl with future man, goodbye :Pepehands:❤️ 


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damn bro who am i going to be toxic to now😔

frfr known u since u first joined, we will have another rdm arena for us to kill eachother with shotguns like the good old days dw

good luck on life

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Stop killing me u nerd.

Farewell for now Xcede. Message me sometime on discord so you can destroy me in brawlhalla again. ❤️ 

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It was fun mentoring you man.

Hopefully we can hang out every so often

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I need to get admin by 2020 just so I can abuse you 🙂

Honestly though, I await your return, wish we interacted more before your break, take care of yourself and make sure to at least stop by.

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