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Moderator Application Layout

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Failure to follow this template and its rules will result in an immediate denial with a 7 day wait. 


  1. You must NOT hold a staff position on any other GMOD server. 
  2. Must have AT LEAST 60 hours of in-game time. 
    1. Applying before 60 hours will result in INSTANT DENIAL
  3. You must maintain a healthy level of in-game activity as well as forum activity, being inactive can lead to a denial. 
  4. Moderator applications must have the following title: <Your Name>'s Moderator Application: DD/MM/YY


  1. If your application is denied you will be subject to a 7 DAY WAIT before reapplying. 
  2. Advertising your application to other players on any Retribution platform will lead to an INSTANT DENIAL
  3. Negative feedback is normal and should be taken as criticism, do not argue on your application. 
  4. If your application is plagiarism of another persons application this will lead to an INSTANT DENIAL
  5. You may ask to have your application closed or denied if you've changed your mind, however you will still need to wait the 7 DAYS before reapplying. 
  6. You're able to resign from your staffing position at any time but must wait 30 DAYS before reapplying. 
  7. If you are demoted from your staffing permission you cannot reapply until given permission from a super-admin or above. 
  8. Responses on applications must display a positive, neutral or negative rating followed by a brief explanation for the rating. 
    1. If you do not give reason for your rating you may be issued warning points.


  • In-Game Name: [Your Username]
  • Age: [Your age]
  • Timezone: [Your timezone]
  • Steam ID: [Your SteamID, found in-game with the ID Card swep]
  • Steam Profile (a link): [Your steam profile]
  • Hours on the server: [Total hours on the server as shown on your ID card]
  • Times you're most active: [The rough times you are able to be most active]
  • Why I want/should be a moderator: [Give us an idea of what you think your best qualities are and why you would be a good moderator]
  • Have you read the rules fully, understand and feel comfortable enforcing them as correctly as possible?: [Yes/No]
  • Are you willing to listen to any Staff member chosen to mentor and guide you as a Staff, even if you feel you don't need to?: [Yes/No]
  • Are you certain you will be able to staff for several hours a week?: [Yes/No]


The server begins to lag and players are complaining about prop spam: [How do you find the source of the prop spam? How do you determine if it is or isn't prop spam?]

You're involved in a sit where a player has said the base he's raiding is illegal: [What process do you take to make sure the player fixes the issues with their base? What if the player refuses or ignores you altogether?]

You see another staff member abusing their power: [Give an example of a staff abuse and how you would handle it/who you would contact]

A player is extremely uncooperative during a sit and is throwing insults at you: [What do you do if a player isn't listening to what you're saying? What do you do if they are insulting you?]

A player is excessively RDMing/RDAing and breaking NLR: [What is RDM/RDA and NLR? How do you determine if a player is breaking any of these?]

(Additional Comments): [Speak your mind here]

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