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Custom Printer Update

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Custom printers have been updated by @Marki to be much more optimised and easy to use. 

The /printermenu is now irrelevant and no longer used, instead when you purchase custom printers it will automatically be added to your total amount of printers. 

It's now possible for custom printers to stack up to 100 in one printer which make the same as 100 printers but with much less impact on player FPS and server performance whilst being easier for the printer owners to collect from. 

(A printer which is making the amount of 20x custom printers


You can still customise your printers, however the way in which you do so now is by pressing suit zoom and E on the printer to bring up a design menu, you can change each printer at any point and time. 

(Changing a printer's color and name with suit zoom + e)


Custom printers no longer show their printing speed however it is still in effect but works differently to other normal printers, custom printers have scaling values which increases as more players get on and decreases as the population drops; this means higher risk = higher reward.

(A message which shows when somebody takes money from your printer)


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Thank you, Now there will be more space when I'm basing with people. 

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16 minutes ago, 👻Creepy Zeezy👻 said:

So is Montay still going to make 37mil in 1 hours with all his printers?


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The printer rates were slightly too drastic and have been tweaked. 

New printer rates:

60+ = 2.5x (Custom printers are the only printers that can go 2.5x)

50+ = 2x

40+ = 1.6x

30+ = 1.4x

20+ = 1.2x

10+ = 1x 

lower than 10 = 0.8x

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1 hour ago, akuma. said:

i have to see what montay's printers combined looks like

or fuckin b1n0's

It should be like 80x

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