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Staff Handbook V3

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Staff Handbook v3

Failure to abide the handbook as a staff member may result in punishment.

Retribution higher staff hold the right to remove anyone they deem unfit for staff from the staff team.



If you’re thinking about joining the staff team, you’ll want to first read through and get a good feel of everything that’s written below. The handbook is designed to give all staff a good guideline of ways to staff and handle situations.

The Staff Hierarchy

All staff members must respect the chain of command. Follow the hierarchy and if a staff member higher than you tells you to fix something or give you tips then follow them. Remember that we are a team that must work together.

Trial-Moderator Moderator →  Administrator → Senior Administrator → Super Admin → Owner


Jouaram is the owner of the server. He’ll be here to assist and give his input where needed, if you have a question relating staffing/addons/suggestions/custom classes etc. you can contact him directly! (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/)


Supers are the head of the staff team and will be there whenever needed. Their job is to make sure everything is running smoothly and making sure that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. Super administrators must have a strong forum/in-game presence, leadership skills, maturity, and the ability to make hard decisions.


  • Ban: Permanent
  • Demote Privileges: Yes
  • Forums: All
  • Discord: All


Senior Administrators are admins who shine exceptionally within Retribution’s staff team and must show signs of leadership and good communication. They are advisers and teachers for the staff you can go to at any time for help or assistance. You must hold a mentor position and have mentored a handful of Moderators to become a senior administrator.


  • Ban: Permanent for select reasons
  • Demote Privileges: Strikes/Demotions if discussed with Jouaram/Super admins
  • Forums: ModeratorCP
  • Discord: All


Administrators are the base tier of moderation on RetributionRP and the back bone of the staff team. Moderators must receive 3 or more recommendations from staff of a higher rank and pass the admin test to become an administrator. Administrators need to show a strong in-game and forum presence. Whenever you answer a player complaint you must tag a Higher Up, tell us how long you are banning the person, and tell us what you are banning them for. You will be held accountable for your bans.


  • Ban: 1 Weeks
  • Demote Privileges: No
  • Forums: Player Complaints
  • Discord: Kick + Ban (Channel/Server)


Moderator is the first position available to those who wish to pursue a role in server moderation. Moderators should use this position as a learning curve by requesting assistance from their superiors; ask questions, ask for help, ask about punishments, etc. Moderators must maintain an active presence on the forums, discord, and server in which they maintain a basic level of control.


  • Ban: 38 Hours (3 Days)
  • Demote Privileges: No
  • Forums: None
  • Discord: None

AWarn Guideline/Tips

aWarn is an incredibly helpful tool for Staff members to utilize to hand out the correct punishments. All staff members can access the warn menu by typing !warns.

aWarn is used primarily for 3 things:

  • Keeping track of players punishments that you hand out.
  • Keeping track of other staff members punishments that they hand out.
  • Allowing you to make a judgement for your punishment based off the offenders previous warns.

When dealing with your sit, check the offenders warns every time. This is to check for warns they have (if any), if they are recent, and what they are for. This will allow you to tell if the offender is a repeat offender or they just had a one-time slip up; you should punish differently depending on this. Recent and relevant warns means you should give a harsher punishment for the offender in question, but for no warns/irrelevant warns  be more lenient.

When you’re punishing a player, you are adding a !warn on to them for the exact reason you’re punishing them no matter how small the punishment is (even if it’s a verbal warn).

For example, if I jail Yimo for RDMx2 with a 300 second jail, I would warn them as follows:


Sit Etiquette

When you’re taking sits you are representing Retribution. You’ll want to make sure you’re giving off the best impression possible, dealing with the sit in a well-mannered and polite way whilst still getting all punishment necessary handed out.

Make sure when you’re handling sits to be cooperative with the players to avoid them getting impatient and hostile. If a player who’s sit your handling is getting hostile, it is your job to handle it as maturely as possible and only gag/mute if 100% necessary.

Examples of both good and bad sit etiquette:



Example of a GOOD sit:

  1. Yimo: @ Can I get a staff member I got killed randomly!
  2. !bring "Yimo"
  3. Asks Yimo the issue
  4. Tells Yimo you'll be checking logs to see how the situation played out
  5. Bring the offender
  6. Ask the offender what happened in the situation
  7. Make the judgement and apply the correct punishment whilst letting the offender know why and what they're being punished for
  8. Return Yimo and the offencer if necessary

Example of a BAD sit:

  1. Yimo: @ Can I get a staff member I got killed randomly
  2. !bring Yimo
  3. Freezes Yimo
  4. Bring the offender
  5. Freeze the offender
  6. Punish the offender without letting them defend themselves or letting them know what they did wrong
  7. Return yourself


Punishment Guidelines for Staff

Trial-Moderators/Moderators/Administrators are prohibited to use commands on each other as forms of punishment or breaking rules. If seen doing so you will be punished for misrepresenting Retribution as Staff. However, if you do witness another Staff member breaking rules/abusing their powers write a formal complaint on the Forums or contact one of the higher-ups immediately. (In rare cases if a Staff member has gone rogue you can use powers if completely necessary)

Not going to sits is reprehensible and will result in severe punishments. Higher staff will assign and base punishments off a strike system, however there is not a max amount of strikes that can be given out at one time.

Ignoring sits is defined as failing to initiate the proper help required to satisfy calls.

I.E: Not teleporting, punishing, or assisting.

  • If you are found ignoring sits while on duty, you will be given an appropriate strike.
  • If you are found ignoring sits while off duty and not in a role play situation, you will be given an appropriate strike.
  • If you are found abusing in anyway, strikes may be assigned.
  • If you are found not abiding to any rules or guidelines, a warning or strike may be assigned mattering on the situation.


  1. Never punish sight unseen.
    • You must go to the call, investigate, and inform those directly involved the outcome BEFORE administering punishment.
    • Witnesses can lie. We do not recommend involving witnesses in sits unless they were directly involved with the initial problem.
  2. Ban is a last resort.
    • Work with the players. Guide them and help them understand their wrongdoings. If they continue to break rules, then a ban may be necessary.
  3. Sits
    • If you bring someone to a sit and see they deserve a ban, you must tell them they are being banned for and explain the rules that they have broken.

Strike System

Strikes are forms of punishment for staff if they are found abusing their powers or breaking rule. There is maximum of 3 strikes:

  • Strike 1: Verbal warning.
  • Strike 2: Further warning, possible temporary demotion depending on situation.
  • Strike 3: Termination of Staff position

Forum Rules

Staff members are required to interact on all aspects of the forums. Inactivity on the forums will result in the hindrance of any possible promotions. Staff opinions/views on topics are crucial to the advancement of the community.

Staff members are expected to help on the forums by:

  • Giving input on moderator/administrator applications
  • Giving input on ban appeals and player complaints
  • Generally helping out players
  • Reporting content that goes against forum rules.



  1. You are a representative of Retribution, be professional. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Never disrespect, harass, or manhandle any member of the community.
  3. OOC is not for arguing or disrespect, handle it privately.
  4. Be courteous to the community and keep your composure.
    • How can I help you? Is there anything else you need? Have a good day.


  1. Allow discussions, but no excessive arguing; use the !mute/!gag function if arguing persists.
  2. Allow sufficient time for all involved parties to tell their side of the story.
    • Witnesses are not considered an involved party.
  3. Take your time in situations; check the rules and don’t hesitate to ask for help!
    • Ensure you make the right decisions.
  4. Remain calm and never lose your temper.


  1. As a staff member you're representing Retribution with every comment/action on the platform, keep your attitude about the server as positive as possible.
  2. You're working towards keeping all players happy with the outcome of your staffing, your attitude will help reflect this when dealing with situations face to face.

Staff Guidelines

On Duty:

If a staff member has selected their job as Staff on Duty, then they have indicated they are giving their full attention to performing staff duties, not role playing.


  • Go to ALL calls received within your limitations.
  • Minimize noclip and do not noclip into bases unless involved in a sit.
  • Remain professional, fair, and honest.
  • Find a balance within staffing and rping.
  • Set your job to Citizen if you’re going AFK and use the /afk command.

Do Not:


  • Ignore calls.
  • Abuse/Use your moderator/administrator powers to give ANYONE an advantage.
  • Use moderator/administrator powers on any ANY staff member, user, or donor UNLESS it is for sit purposes.
  • Noclip at all without reason.
  • Go on an alternative account to spy/test/etc on others.
  • Use noclip to build unless it’s for small tool use.

Urgent Bans:

Urgent bans are bans that need to be applied as quickly as possible for the health of the server, and potentially without a sit. The reasons for these bans include anything that would cause harm to the server (crashes, lag etc), usually the only reason for this is propspam but sometimes exploits. Senior Administrators are to use ulx permban for these type of bans.

Permanent Ban Reasons:

  • DDOS Threats
  • Malicious Activity
  • Scripts/Hacks/Exploiting

If you are confused or need help at any time higher-ups are all available to message or talk to for assistance! If you have a question and nobody is available to answer you, feel free to add Jouaram (https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/) and ask your question there.

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