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DarkRP Rules

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Need help? Contact a staff member in-game by typing @ followed by a short message!

If you disagree with a staff member DO NOT argue with them and instead report it to a higher-up or post a forum complaint.

Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/hBbJtkR

General Rules

  1. No NSFW content or malicious behavior. 
  2. No advertising other servers/websites/communities. 
  3. No hacking/manipulation of the client/exploiting. 
  4. No leaving/fleeing to avoid staff situations. 
  5. No inappropriate names. Names require at least 3 English characters. 
  6. No scamming/gambling. 
  7. Do not force uncomfortable situations on anyone. 
  8. Do not wrongfully disrupt others' RP. 
  9. Admin-land is off limits to all non-staff members unless given permission by a staff member. 
  10. Do not enter staff sits unless you are directly brought. 
  11. No controversial flags/symbols. 

Basic Rules

  1. Players may not randomly kill/arrest (RDM/RDA). 
  2. Warns must be clear, given in local chat and with 10 seconds before taking action on the warning. 
    1. EX: A player is following another player. The player being followed must give one warning in local chat, wait the 10 seconds and if the players continues following you may shoot them. 
  3. After a player dies they must wait five minutes before returning to the situation/location that the player died at. (NLR) 
    1. Hits and RDM are excluded from this. 
  4. Players may not abuse props and/or entities. 
  5. Players may not use mass RP binds, all binds must specify one action each. 
  6. Players may steal the money from and destroy bitminers, but CANNOT take the entity itself. 
  7. Players with job model shoulders smaller than a 1x1 plate while holding keys cannot raid/kidnap/or defend a base. 
  8. FailRP is roleplaying incorrectly. A player's character should always obey their jobs rules. 
  9. The Cinema is RP-ONLY.
  10. Mugging is not allowed.

Hits and Kidnaps

Hit Rules: 

  1. Players/parties may not repeatedly target players. 
  2. Players may complete hits in RP-only bases if they don't have to raid to reach their target. 

Kidnapping Rules: 

  1. Victims must follow the kidnapper's demands and do what they say; players may escape captivity by means of reasonable RP. 
  2. Kidnappers may not force their victims to spawn items. 
  3. Players may only held hostage for 15 minutes. 
  4. Kidnapped players may not kill themselves to avoid the kidnap.

Party Rules

  1. Party members must base together. 
  2. Only the members of a party may protect each other in any RP scenario. 
  3. Party members cannot raid other party members. 
    1. EX: Joining a party -> Gaining access -> Leaving Party -> Raiding/Stealing 

Basing Rules

General Rules (Applicable to all bases including RP Only bases): 

  1. Players/parties may only own one building and must own every door in that building. 
  2. In a situation where more than one person owns the doors of a building, whoever owns the front door(s) gains ownership. 
  3. Apartments/hotels may only have one player/party per suite. Hotel managers may own entire hotels to sell suites to their customers. 
  4. Having a hotel manager in your party/base does not exempt players/parties from this rule. 
  5. You cannot block access to public entities such as weed buyers, dumpsters and trade co. 

Raidable Base requirements (Not applicable to RP Only bases): 

  1. All shooting holes/cracks must be at least plate075x075 tall & wide. (models/hunter/plates/plate075x075.mdl) 
  2. Defenders must be visible from said windows. 
  3. No non-collided/one-way/glowing/flickering/transparent/blacked-out materials or props. 
  4. Fence props may not be materialized. 
  5. Bases may not force/restrict players from jumping/crouching/walking/running. 
  6. Traps must allow at least 2 players to cross. 
  7. There must be enough space for two players to fit side by side + back to back in every part of the base the builder has control of. 
  8. No more than 5 hallway turns in a base. 
  9. Fake hallways do not count towards this limit. 
  10. U-Turns count as 2 turns. 
  11. You may not use world doors (excluding garage doors) as defenses. 
    1. EX: Locking world doors open, placing props to influence the direction the doors can open/close. 
  12. Players props for bases cannot extend above/to the sidewalk. 
  13. You may not store raidables in area that is one by one or requires that you crouch/jump to obtain access to.

Fading Prop Rules (Not applicable to RP Only bases): 

  1. You may only have 4 fading props. 
  2. No shooting through fading doors. 
  3. Must be a solid prop that disappears entirely when open. 
  4. Players may not have fake/hidden keypads/buttons. Keypads/buttons must be placed next to the fading door they open. 
  5. Players can have one keypad/button to open an entrance fading door and one on the opposite side to get out. Minimum 5 seconds opening time and cannot have a delay. 
  6. No fading doors directly in front/behind/inside world doors. 

Types of signs (All signs must be clearly noticeable) 

KOS Signs: 

  1. You CANNOT KOS people who are on public property (sidewalk, street, sewer system passageways) 
  2. KOS Signs CAN be used in RP-Only/Building signs. 

Building Signs (This disallows raiding/having raidables): 

  1. You CAN prop-block your entrances. 
  2. You CANNOT place a building sign if a player is currently initiating a raid. Wait until at least 5 minutes after the raid has ended. 

RP-ONLY sign (This disallows raiding/having raidables):

  1. RP building owners/party members do not follow NLR when the death occurred inside their RP only base. 
  2. If the owner of the RP only building asks you to leave, you must oblige. 
  3. Gun dealers, club owners, black market dealers and any other merchant-like jobs CAN have rp only signs/bases as long as their product is strictly only spawned in to be sold.

Raiding Rules

Defender Rules: 

  1. Defenders must be near the property to defend against a raid. 
  2. Players may not build while being raided. 
  3. Defenders may not close world doors opened by raiders. 

Attacker Rules: 

  1. Raiders must be near the property to initiate a raid. 
  2. Raiders may only raid with their party or same job groups. 
  3. Raiders may not counter another raid. 
  4. Raiders and their party must wait 20 minutes before raiding the same base again. 
  5. Raiders cannot camp a base, get in and get out; nor may they raid a base which clearly has nothing of value. 

Raidables: A list of what is considered a 'raidable': 

  • Printers.
  • Drugs.
  • Money/entity creators such as drug labs and bitcoin. 
  • Token eggs.
  • Stored weapon shipments. 
  • Permanent items dropped for a trade DO NOT count as raidables.
  • Any item that holds value to the raider. 

Base Laws

All laws stated below are in action with or without a Mayor. The Mayor cannot change any of these laws excluding law #4.

  1. Raiding is illegal. 
  2. Money printers are illegal unless stored in the bank. 
  3. Murder is illegal. 
  4. Drugs and explosives are illegal. 
  5. Threats are illegal. 
  6. Kidnapping and theft is illegal. 
  7. Advertising hits is illegal. 
  8. Physical abuse is illegal. 
  9. Holding a gun out near the Mayor is KOS.
  10. Shooting in public is illegal. 
  11. Bitcoin miners are legal. 

Mayor Law Rules

  1. The Mayor may not discriminate against a specific job (Ex. Making Hobos KOS). 
  2. The Mayor may not make laws that restrict a players right to speech, movement or their abilities to use cosmetics. 
  3. No J-walking, crouching/walking/running laws. 
  4. The Mayor MUST advert/broadcast/announce the reason for a lockdown and warn players to return to their homes. (Excessive shooting, life in danger, PD raid). 
  5. PD must give 1 warning in local chat with 10 seconds to get inside a building before AOS. 
  6. Lockdowns/curfews may go on for a maximum of 10 minutes. 
  7. The Mayor may approve the construction of 1 roadblock total. 

Police Department 

  1. Police may not conduct any illegal activities or become corrupt. 
  2. Police may ONLY break NLR for PD raids. 
  3. PD may have 1 roadblock that consists of 2 fading props. These fading props do not count towards PD prop count.
  4. Police defenses abide by the basing rules. 
  5. Roadblocks must be approved by the current Mayor. 
  6. Police may not KOS for being outside during a lockdown. They may AOS after 1 warning only. 
  7. The back-entrance which leads to jail cells may not be propblocked but can have fading props to protect it. 
  8. Police cannot use vents as their only entrance to PD. 
  9. PD lobby is considered public property and may not contain defenses. 
  10. The front door to PD may NOT be locked. 
  11. PD must warn in local chat before AOS/KOS for mayor laws. 

Warrant Rules

The reasons for warrants can include: 

  1. The police officer saw illegals/illegal activities. 
  2. A player is wanted inside the base the officer is warranting. 
  3. The police officer was notified that a player is being held hostage inside the base. 
  4. Contraband scanner picking up illegals. 

Trading In-Game Items

When trading in-game items, it will be assumed that the item you're discussing is a permanent item unless specified otherwise.

Trading in-game items is a completely out of RP experience where you're two people trading virtual items. 

You CAN:

  • Trade in-game items for other in-game items. 
  • Trade in-game items for packages purchased off the RetributionRP store. 
  • Back out of a trade UNTIL someone has picked up the others item, picking up an item involved in the trade disallows you from backing out. 
  • Prop-block off an area to complete your trade. 
  • Ask for a Staff members assistance to monitor the trade. 


  • Prop-block the area for any longer than 10 minutes. 
  • Steal from and/or scam the other user interacting in the trade. 
  • Advertise/trade in-game items for out of game currencies and vice-versa. 

Read about the job rules in the F4 menu in-game. 

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