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Atari 2600

Atari League: Season 1

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In-Game Name : Atari 2600

Name of the event :  Atari League: Season 1

Brief Description of the event : 1v1 duels similar to BLAST PRO SERIES CS:GO showmatches.

Rules of the event : No show is disqualificaiton, stimpack before each round. Weapons provided before each round.

How many participants would it require to start the event : 8 or 16

What do you require to host this event :  1 or 2 admins to help keep rules in check. And definitely some people to help build the set

Would you be able to build the arena or stage for the event :I wouldn't have enough props to do it by myself.

What type of prize would you like to give out : Winner takes all from a $10mil entry fee


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14 hours ago, George The Clout God said:

+1 always wanted to do something like this

Too bad you can’t now

Edited by Canned mayo
+1 sounds fun
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i’d be down to help you host this event, it would have to happen after the christmas event tho cuz my computer dont like it


oop i just checked the date and remembered its already over, add me on discord @ 333akuma#0521

Edited by akuma.

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