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4 hours ago, Child with a gun said:

copying tyler yikes... get original content dude 

Me and Tyler share an account

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1 hour ago, Jouaram said:

Me and Tyler share an account

you and tyler share a wife too

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18 hours ago, Modem said:

well, its another one of these posts. im finally leaving the server that i have spent the past 8 years of my life on. its bittersweet to say goodbye, but the server is in a state that i just cant enjoy anymore. ret used to be so fun, playing with friends and having a good laugh. but now a days it is just grinding and afking. all the good hard working players like tayrone and montay are getting banned, and the nazi superadmins are driving the server harder into the ground every day. please do not ask for my items because im not giving them away. maybe some day when the server is less dogshit ill come back. now its time for the cliche @'s

id like to thank the following people for making my time on ret as amazing as it was

@Informer all of the gay jokes aside, i really do think you are a strapping young chap. i hope we can play more apex, and get even more wins than we already have.

@montay thank you for letting me buy your enigma set with real money. i really didnt wanna grind for it, so you were a real lifesaver

@George The Clout God ive always wanted to meet up with bananadude in real life, so you you giving me his addy really helps with that. im booking a flight to his house next week.

@goomy i dont like you

@Logical® thank you for starting the revolution, you truly are doing gods work. hopefully you get to replace those stupid dumb higher ups.

@kanye thanks for releasing jesus is king. changed my life.

@Proper you gotta do a makeup tutorial some day. ive seen your work, its incredible.

@Child with a gun fuckin bottom fragging 24/7 on rl. kill yourself. literally the biggest simp on this server. and thats a fucking accomplishment with infomer around.

@Sullyツ Good friend to me, glad im not dozer though.

@Yippi queer

@Jouaram aaron casbolt. the amount of good times we've had together, is almost none. your server is steadly declining, and you make deathie (your little bitch) do all the work for you.

@thog you thruly are my beth friend, youve helped me frough some touf thimes. 

@Deathie fuck you

@bhoul you truly are rets best player. a shining example of what we all strive to be deep inside. i hope that whatever happens to you, your life turns out good. i also just got off the phone with your mom, and she seems like shes doing just as good as her little man.

@Carlos Mendez you may only have an expired green card in america, but in my heart you are a true citizen. 

@Skullmohawk i could literally write any dumb shit here i wanted, and the stupid fucking idiot wouldn't see it because of how fucking inactive he is.

@Marki literally when was was the last time you did anything productive. what the fuck.

@keemo hope the stage 4 goes away soon. it takes a real trooper to overcome cancer, and i think a warrior like you has it in you.

@Luciifero i dont know if youre indian or some shit, but your accent is pretty fucking stupid. ok staff though, if you would get on once in a while

@The Anonymous Rainbow dumbass upside-down underwater on fire peice of shit

@KingDogeThe3rd literally threatened to rape me. he said it was ironic though so its ok.

@Gery  literally a half life fanboy

@Atari 2600 wannabe xqc motherfucker. too bad twitch is a dying platform. stream on mixer dumbass motherfucker

@pinecone09 brought me to a sit to tell me to add a butthole to a giant worm i made.

@JuanDeag Style hittin those one taps on the reg. absolute legend

@Harvey youre an actual fucking ape. fuck you.

@Shogun4122  im literally an hour drive away from you. keep that in mind

id like to thank all of the people above for enhancing my time on ret. really appreciate it

where is my @

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