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goodbye ret. keemos resignation

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Hey boys, I'm gonna be resigning from the staff team for a handful of reasons,

1. I have too much irl shit going on and other hobbies to be consistently playing gmod/ret anymore and making a positive impact on the community as a staff member should.

2. Ret isn't what it used to be and i simply just burnt myself out and don't enjoy it anymore. I'm sure there are many many things that are upcoming i haven't even looked into and im sure the server will continue to bring new things for new players and many of you will enjoy it i just don't care enough to play the server anymore and i don't wanna fall victim to the group of, dare i say  "inactive staff". realistically nothing will peak my interest any longer to play and i just want to say thanks to everyone who i've made friends with over the time of me playing on ret, everyone who's helped me throughout my time staffing and even the minges i met throughout staffing, you guys made staffing possibly one of the most fun things to do on ret honestly.

I wish the best for the server and all the players who still enjoy the server. Hope everything goes good for everyone. catch you niggas later. ❤️


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1 hour ago, Dr. Philrat said:

See ya keemo you were the tmod homie fr. i hope whatever you do you'll be having fun.

same goes man, ❤️

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