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If you're seeing this message you're either a new member or a returning one - so either way, welcome! To see majority of the Forum you need to sign in which you can do through Steam, fully secure. 

If you have any questions or concerns add me on Steam! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Jouaram/

- Jouaram

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Forum Rules

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When using RetributionRP's Forums you agree to the following rules, not following these rules may result in you receiving warning points and/or being removed from the Forums and/or Server as a whole:

Forum Rules


  1. No sexism, racism, discrimination, bigotry, etc.

  2. No disrespect towards anyone in the community.

  3. No advertising other servers, websites, or communities.

  4. No malicious activity (Doxing, DDoS, threats, spamming, witch-hunting.)

  5. No inappropriate names.

  6. No necroposting.

  7. No ear-rape on your profile.

  8. Do not call out another player to cause drama/issues unless it's done correctly in a player or staff complaint. 

  9. Your post(s) may be removed if they do not benefit discussion on the given subject, depending on the severity warning points may follow. 

  10. All Forums rules apply to any post made on the Forums or Chatbox.



  • Use proper grammar and punctuation to the best of your ability.

  • Limit use of multi color, size, and emotes in a post.

  • Post in a way that benefits discussion.

  • Be respectful and kind.


Do Not:

  • Abuse the reputation system: farming/requesting/etc reputation 

  • Publicly post information with others unless given expressed permission to do so.

  • Flame or insult other members.

  • Bump threads.

  • Create alternative accounts.

  • Post porn, gore, or any NSFW content.

  • Post in the incorrect section.

  • Post warez/pirated content.

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Side note:

From now on if you Rep-boost all Rep you've ever given will be removed across the board and you may have your Rep-giving ability revoked depending on severity. 

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